Mother’s Day Song

Mother's Day Song

Are you a mother?  If so, do you have little ones? Middle-aged children? Or grown-up children?  My children are grown – not in the married with their own kids stages yet, but they are grown adults.  Over the years, I have linked certain songs together that snapshot their stages of life, events, memories or even just to capture their being as a whole with a song.  They are like a puzzle with pieces of my life specifically placed together. Do you have a Mother’s Day Song?  

mother's day

As you have most likely read in some of my past blogs, I connect with songs quite often. They stir up memories, thoughts, blog ideas, passion, tears, laughter, connection, joy, and even the need to just dance.  Over the years, many songs have sparked a connection or memory with each of my children.  From the time they were little, singing them a bedtime song was a routine:

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Jesus Loves Me

Or I even woke them with a couple ‘Sunshine’ songs:

  • You Are My Sunshine
  • Oh, Let The Sunshine In

They often joke and shake their heads at me today at how I still will sing them those songs.  Years ago we were going away for a conference once and my son was only around 7 years old – I did a voice recording of Twinkle Twinkle on his ipod  so he could hear my voice each night before bed.  

Sidenote:  I think he still has that voice recording

Jump to recent years, and there are plenty of songs that still trigger memories of my beauties:

  • Yellow – by Coldplay (look at the stars, Low how they shine for you). 
  • This Angel – Jennifer Nettles (Who is this angel, sent here to change me…)
  • Like My Mother Does – Lauren Alaina ( People always say I have a laugh like my mother does…)
  • A Song For My Son – Patricia O’Neil ( I will always see the boy in the man you have become)
  • Slipping Through My Fingers – Abba (School bag in hand, she leaves home in the early morning waving goodbye with an absent-minded smile)

Each of those songs taps into a part of my heart that pulls at the heart-strings yet providing me with comfort that my motherly bond is still strong with them.  My babies may be all grown, but we still have such a connection with each other.  Each of those songs sparks memories and moments that are so vivid in my brain that they feel like yesterday:

  • My son would sit at the table and colour while singing along to Yellow 
  • This Angel – was on a Christmas special and taps into the memory of being pregnant with both my babies
  • Like My Mother Does – my daughter sent this to me a few years ago – she wanted to let me know how she looks up to me and loves me so much.  She’ll never know how touching that was.
  • A Song for my Son – The words of this song is so endearing about how grateful she is for her son (and how grateful I am for my own son)
  • Slipping through my fingers – Mamma Mia is one of my daughters favourite movies and this song is being sung by Meryl Streep about her daughter on her wedding day.  It captures the feeling of being so proud yet so lost with giving her away…… oh…. I’ll be a mess on her wedding day lol

Those are just a few songs that come to mind.  There are so many that trigger such loving emotions – so many heartfelt memories – so much love..   My children – are my whole world.  I am sure most mothers would agree with me on that one with regards to their own children.  The beauty and love that these two beings possess shines onto everyone they meet.  They are extremely special, faithful, funny, brilliant, outgoing individuals that I couldn’t be more proud even if I tried.  The way they make me laugh and even encourage me fills my heart up with so much love. You both are such a gift; not only to my life, but your father’s, your extended family, your friends and those you encounter as you spread your wings on life. 

Worth Noting: Looking at the above pictures, I can see the adoration – not only in my eyes – but my children’s eyes. Plus, the last 2 pictures make me laugh and cherish them tremendously – In the rope bridge picture (Carrick-A-Rede in Ireland) – Callum was non-stop encouraging me since I was terrified to stop and turn around for a picture. I believe he was holding on to me as I turned around. He was certainly my rock during that adventure. And, the ride picture… Rachel and I love that amusement park rides and my husband snapped a perfect picture of us in complete joy laughing our hearts off.

Thinking of my own mother, there are even songs that spark a connection and memories with her.  My mom loved music as well.  She could often be found tapping her foot or humming to a tune. Some songs that make me think of my own mother are:

  • Supermarket Flowers (about his mom who has passed – I can’t get through this song without crying.  Actually, I wrote a blog about this one – click HERE to read if you’ve missed it.
  • Friends in low places – Garth Brooks – my husband and my mom danced often to this song
  • The Dirty Dancing Soundtrack – my mom loved this movie. 

Those are also just a touch of the musical memories of my mom deep in my soul.  When I think of my mom on Mother’s day, I remember the fun she liked to have.  The laughter she had.  Her need for long good-byes (which I have seemingly acquired). And, her love for her family.  I will miss her dearly on Sunday – as I do every day – however, I hear her melody daily in the songs of the birds in the early mornings, the rippling of the river against the rocks and the whisper of the butterfly landing softly next to my chair.  She continues to sing to me everywhere I look. 


So, on this Mother’s Day weekend – as you tune into the radio, your Spotify or Apple Music playlists, your cd’s, your records, your tapes or even your 8-tracks think about your loved ones – your children – your own mother. Let those musical notes take you away to places deep in your soul triggering those unawakened beautiful memories of your family.  Let the melodies give you peace and joy.  I wish you all such a wonderful Mother’s Day – I know I will be having the best day since it will be spent with the two best gifts God could give – my daughter and son (and the one who completes us – my husband).  


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