Majestic Mirage Punta Cana

Majestic Mirage Punta Cana

Looking for a top-notch high-quality resort that will knock your socks off?  Look no further because the Majestic Mirage Punta Cana will check off all your ‘resort must-have’ checklists.  You will be pampered, eat 5 star quality cuisine and have an amazing relaxed vacation with your loved one. Majestic Mirage Punta Cana is a top favourite hands down!

Paradise is anywhere you can write in the sand….. Anonymous.  

We travelled to the Majestic Mirage Punta Cana in March to celebrate turning 50! My husband actually celebrated his while we were soaking in the hot Dominican sun.  When we were searching for a resort for this celebration, we came upon the Majestic Mirage Punta Cana on the Air Transat website.  We read Tripadvisor reviews, watched YouTube videos and we were soon booked and ready.  

Tip: Tripadvisor and YouTube are fantastic tools to read the in’s and out’s of resorts, hotels, and travel locations. You can then get a visitor perspective on what the location actually entails.

We flew out of Montreal (again) – this time of year is often cheaper out of Montreal.  I believe we saved about $800 per person by doing so.  

Flying Air Transat – we again purchased Option Plus.  I have spoken in previous blogs about this option and how I feel it is definitely worth the money and we can feel at ease upon arrival to our destination.  It includes seat selection – priority boarding, priority tags, snacks and a beverage of choice.  


When we travel to Punta Cana, we have opted out of the ‘included transportation’ as part of your resort package.  We have met – through mutual friends – a man who has a private transfer business.  Prior to our vacation day, we contact him through WhatsApp and arrange our arrival time, resort location and our departure time.  It is minimal cost and it allows you to arrive at your resort stress free and much earlier than if you had taken the included transfer and waiting for the 100 other travelers to gather their luggage and locate the bus.  It relieves much unnecessary stress and provides your vacation peace early.  

majestic mirage punta cana

The Resort:

We arrived at this magnificent resort to see a lobby decorated in marble, a grandiose chandelier, and a team eager to welcome you.  Check in was simple and quaint being set at your own private table for a Team member to go over details.  Our room was not quite ready, so we were asked to head to the buffet for lunch and return in 40 minutes.

The Grounds:

Stunning.  Fresh greenery, beautiful gardens and trees among walkways and spanning pools was very eye-catching.  The sounds of the birds and the wind blowing through the palms is a perfect way to lower the stress of travelling.  

The Beach:

Situated on Bavaro Beach – close to Macao Beach – you will not be disappointed.  White sand with turquoise water stretches for miles.  Our arrival day did have seaweed washed up on the beach, but daily in the mornings– the Majestic crew would come by with tractors and rakes and clean it up.  They work very hard to keep their beaches clean and pristine all while working with a smile.  We were greeted each morning with a Buenos Dias.  

The Pools:

The pools at this resort run along the entire length of the accommodation buildings. At either end you will find a swim-up bar and along the entire length, you will find plenty of lounge chairs and palapas to suit your needs.  The ‘fun’ pool is over at the  Family  building (the only one on the property – all others are adult-only) which includes a volleyball net and daily pool games.  

The Room:

We were staying in a Mirage Club Sky-View Suite in building 6.  A perfect location since from our sky-view terrace, we could not only see the vast lushness of the gardens and pools, but also the ocean.  We had all the common amenities within this room:

  • King bed
  • Coffee maker (both a regular pot as well as a Nespresso machine)
  • Fully stocked refrigerator
  • Wine fridge
  • Daily snacks provided
  • Couch
  • Safe
  • Plenty of outlets and charging stations
  • Sky-View Terrace – hot tub, 2 lounge chairs and table, palapa lounge bed

Since we were classed in the ‘Mirage Club ‘ section – this gave us access to their VIP club areas. These areas included a private outdoor lounge area and bar service as well as an indoor lounge area with private concierge and fresh towels, hot and cold beverages, snacks and light meal items and a menu for larger meal desires. We especially enjoyed this area and its amenities.

Addionally, we were also appointed a fabulous Butler – Lelus – who took care of all of our reservation requests – dining and/or spa – special birthday suggestions (we were celebrating my husband’s birthday) and any concerns in which we may have occurred.   More about the Butler service later.


The food at this resort was spectacular.  We have never experienced a resort with this quality of dining.  The breakfasts at the seaside buffet were delicious with an abundance of choices to pick from.  We ate lunches again at the seaside buffet and again… delicious. Salads, fresh fruit, a variety of hot items and an outstanding staff made each of those meals’ spectacular.  There is also a cute coffee shop just off the courtyard.  They provide plenty of pastries, desserts, specialty coffees (or regular as well) and have a variety of ‘milk’ options – great for those requiring dairy-free options.  

Below is an individual review of each of their restaurants:

Steakhouse:  Outstanding!  We ate at this restaurant 3 times.  Set in an old-world stone décor with private tables scattered throughout.  Their initial salad was scrumptious.  Their rib-eye steak, lamb, and tenderloin cuts were phenomenal.  Top it off with one of their delectable desserts and each visit was a 10/10 – especially due to their hostess Santa.

Italian:  Fantastico!  We ate at this restaurant twice.  Their décor was set in replica of an Italian museum with murals and a soft colour pallet.  The food here was again, delicious.  Their lasagna was one of the best lasagna’s I’ve tasted, their dairy-free risoto was outstanding and the cannoli’s are a definite must!  Another 10/10 for food quality and service.  

Sea-Side Seafood: Set at the same location as breakfast and lunch, the setting next to the ocean was gorgeous.  Their menu consisted of a variety of different seafood options or a surf and turf as well.  The courses do come in a nice timely manner – pita, appetizer – we chose the shrimp, then main meal.  We chose the lobster which was delicious.  Since we ate slowly, we were quite satisfied and had eaten quite enough, however one tip I would recommend is to order a second portion. The lobster tails are quite small and if you are a bigger eater, you may want a second portion or entrée to satisfy your hunger.  All in all, very delicious.  I would give this restaurant an 8/10 only due to the size of the portions.  

Japanese: Scrumptious!  You can’t go wrong with trying out the Japanese restaurant for their habiti style meal.  If you have not experienced it, it is a must-do!  We, however, have done this almost at every resort we have been to (we still enjoy the food and entertaining chef’s though). The meal itself was fantastic. More food that you can eat.  We were actually overstuffed!  I would give this restaurant a 9/10 

French: C’est Magnifique!  Our butler – Lelus – booked us this restaurant for my husband’s birthday.  Walking into this establishment, we were greeted warmly and directed to our table. Our table was set up – specifically for us in their best section; in front of a window overlooking their gorgeous courtyard.  Special personalized menus were presented to us as we listened to the piano player tickle the ivory’s in the centre of the room.  Our meal was again – top notch!  The chateaubriand is a must try.  This was a spectacular dish.  After our meal was complete, the entire team rushed over with a magnificent birthday candle in a delicious cake for my husband while singing happy birthday.  It was a night he will truly remember.  This restaurant is a definite 10/10 and we would highly recommend this.

Please Note:  Only 2 restaurants required reservations prior to attending:  The French and the Japanese.  Your butler or concierge can handle the details of this. 


We visited the spa twice during our 8 day stay as well as had a beach massage.  The first visit we took advantage of their hydrotherapy section.  Arriving an hour prior to our massages, an assistant takes you around to the different hot and cold areas of their hydrotherapy section.  


  1. We started with their sauna
  2. Then into their cool water shower (one: a bucket to pull, the other: a full body shower spray).  
  3. Next, we headed into the steam room, then switching the cool water showers from previously.  
  4. Following, we walked through a cold plunge (or as my husband did – he plunged fully).
  5. After the cold plunge, we entered a jet pool which massaged your back and shoulder areas.  
  6. Lastly, we relaxed in their hot tub until it was ready to wait for our massages.  

Our couples massage was one of the best we have had at a resort.  We left feeling very relaxed and immediately booked another couples massage for later in the week (which we only partook in the massages, not the hydrotherapy area this time).

Beach Massage:  Our couples massage here was again excellent.  The sound of the waves crashing as you are drifting peacefully enhanced our sense of calm 1000-fold.  The only drawback would be the location of the massage hut – within the palapa area.  You could hear guests walking past or next to us at their palapas. Only a small drawback, but worth noting. 

Both the spa facilities and the beach massages had excellent service and not only does this add to your resort/vacation experience, but enhances the much needed relaxion you deserve during your vacation.

Please Note: I wanted to get immersed into the relaxation of the spa so I left my phone behind – therefore – no inner pictures were taken to share with you. Sometimes…. in order to fully relax, you need to be in the moment and unplugged from the world.

Fitness Facilities:  

Their fitness centre was excellent for a resort.  We each worked out two times during the week (all other times, we were walking the beautiful Bavaro Beach taking in the amazing ocean smells and scenery).  There were plenty of cardio machines (an entire separate room full of spin cycles for a class or individual workout needs), free-weights, weight machines, and a large stretching area as well.  Each area and machine were in excellent condition and clean.  A great resort facility.  


Each night, the resort had plenty of activities and/or music to entertain its patrons.  From 4pm-5pm, you could find an outstanding pianist in their piano bar off the lobby. In their courtyard from roughly 5pm-9pm you could find a band singing not only their native songs, but also today’s American culture hits.  There was enough room to allow for dancing and their resort activity team could be found teaching dance steps to any of the fellow watchers.  At 9:30pm, you could find entertainment within their theatre – ranging from circus shows, musical bands, a Michael Jackson show, or a variety show of sort – they were always working hard to entertain you and make your evening fulfilled.  

Within the property (there is actually 3 Majestic resorts bundled into the complex), you could find a Casino (on the Majestic Colonial side), an Escape Room (on the Majestic Elegance side), a kids club (on the Majestic Colonial side – for those searching for a family resort), and the use of either of their theatres or lobby bars. 

Personal Butler Service:  

With the Majestic Mirage Resort, each room is designated a Personal Butler.  Our butler was Lelus.  Lelus was a fantastic butler and was attentive to all of our needs (which in reality, my husband and I really don’t require a lot from them).  He met with us on our arrival day to outline the resort and ask of any requests we may have over our vacation week.  Each day, Lelus would check in with us to be sure all of our needs were made – either in person or via the WhatsApp app (which is where he would communicate at any point throughout the day with us).  

Some special requests Lelus did for us were:

  • Set up our dinner reservations at the French (for my husband’s birthday) and the Japanese
  • Book our spa reservations for us
  • Arrange for chocolate covered strawberries and champagne delivered
  • Decorated our room for my husband’s birthday
  • Filled up our roof-top jacuzzi one evening for us
  • Made sure we always had snacks and beverages within our room

There are probably a million other items our butler could have done for us, but those were our top priority which he completed with ease.  He made our week completely stress-free and went above and beyond for my husband birthday.

We would highly recommend Lelus as a personal butler.

Tip: Download Whatsapp  if you are travelling here.  Each resort seems to use this app as a way to communicate with its patrons.  It is free of charge and you can communicate quite easily with your Butler, your travel liaison, or your airline representative.  

Pros and Cons:


  • Beach
  • Food
  • Room size
  • Service
  • Spa
  • Size of resort
  • Plenty of palapas
  • Ease of using the attached other Majestic resorts
  • Butler service
  • Concierge service
  • VIP areas
  • Friendly and attentive staff always greeting you with a smile


  • Beach area wasn’t vastly wide, but it was wide enough for our needs – maybe not much of a con for us but being honest about the depth when compared to other resorts we have been to incase the size of the beach is of importance to you.
  • Palapas in some areas were crowded together
  • Beach massage area was within the palapa area – not set apart/away to allow for quiet

Note: I was really searching for some ‘cons’. I found it hard to really come up with the ones listed. In general – those cons are only the very most pickiest of cons – just to satisfy the need for a cons list.


Our airline travel with Air Transat was again flawless with no hiccups – other than a minor delay leaving Montreal with a family needed to depart the plane due to a medical emergency and upon return – we landed and then our front wheel had broke.  We had to wait about 20 minutes before the grounds crew could drag us in to the gate.  Overall, Air transat lived up to its award winning expectations yet again.  

With regards to the resort – If you want an amazing Adults Only vacation with excellent 5 star food rating, spectacular grounds, beach and pool areas, attentive hardworking staff and a team who will provide and surprise you with whatever your dreams desire? Then, this is the resort for you! You cannot go wrong with the Majestic Mirage Resort.  I would highly recommend this to any couple wanting to travel for celebration, relaxation, or simply a romantic get-a-way.  If you are travelling with children – you could look into the Majestic Colonial (we actually stayed there back in around 2010 or so with our children and loved it).  

All in all, the Majestic Mirage Punta Cana Resort would be rated #1 within our resort rating scale and will definitely return upon our next Punta Cana vacation plans.

Side Note: There is plenty to do in Punta Cana – Excursions – We recently did one as a family in December to Saona Island. Click the YouTube video below to see a glimpse of the beautiful and captivating island excursion. To read more reviews on Punta Cana All-Adult resorts – specifically Iberostar Grand – see below and click to read.

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