Hi Everyone…. Welcome to my Blog. 

I am so excited you have clicked to check out what Laughter and Luggage is all about.  I am the brains, the puzzle piece, and the creator of Laughter and Luggage which launched in 2020.   Laughterandluggage.com was designed to be a community for women, travel enthusiasts, those with taste buds, and also to help and encourage others to live a life that they were created to be. The best YOU that you can be. 

Who am I you ask?  I am nice.  I am a listener. I am compassionate.  I am helpful.  I am faithful.  I am completely imperfect, yet I am perfect at the ‘ME’ I am.  

I am a small town Canadian wife of a successful man – Sean who is my biggest inspiration, my biggest fan, and the one who is a sounding board to all my ideas (as well as contributing a ton).  I am also a mom of two outstanding, young adults; Rachel and Callum who I think I can honestly say love to be around me and who are also my online creative directors. Who better to be honest at the digital social world than two teenagers.  

Laughter and Luggage came to me after my family telling me (over and over I might add) to start a blog on what I know – travel, being organized, cooking dairy-free, finding shopping deals, fitness over 40, and being a Christian family – just to name a few.  

Why the Laughter?

Life is too short to be serious all the time.  Laughter is all around us. It’s in moments, interactions, music, TV, movies, your family, friends, co-workers, the mistakes you made, or even the failed casserole for dinner.  I make a point EVERYDAY to laugh.  Whether it’s in everyday occurrences like cooking, cleaning, shopping, working out, raising teenagers or date-nights…. I laugh.  

Why the Luggage?

I love travel. My family loves to travel.  We love to explore and see new places.  We also love revisiting the places we have been to and loved.  There have been many all inclusive resorts that we have travelled to 5+ times. We just love them.  We travel to Mexico or the Caribbean two times a year as well as take some sort of Summer Adventure.  Add in there local day trips or weekend get a ways and we now are fulfilling our exploring hearts. 

I strive to help others. Be there for others.  Laugh with others and cry with others.  Thank you for taking the time to click and read my thoughts.