Monthly Archive: March 2020


You’re Only What?????

Embrace your ‘only’. Because to others, you are somebody. Your ‘only’ is made up of a million little things – a million puzzle pieces to create/build/encompass who YOU are.


Forget About Me – I Love You

I came across an acronym for FAMILY the other day.  Like many of you, I am sure…. the Covid-19 news has overloaded your social media platforms, your news feed, your emails, your tv and basically all general conversation.  It can create heaviness and worries on your heart and in your...

meal prep with teenage son

My 16 Year Old Son Could Eat A Horse!

I have a teenage son who apparently I cannot keep full. Do you have teenage boys? If so, you may understand. They are hungry ALL THE TIME. Luckily, he is health conscious. He LOVES to eat balanced, healthy meals that include protein.

Energy Bites

Bite-Size Energy Bites

These bite-size energy bites are a combination of a granola type snack yet packed with nutrition. Most items are already in your cupboard so a trip to the grocery store may not be necessary. I tend to make these on the weekend as part of my weekly food prep routine....


Summer in NYC: A 4 Day Itinerary

We travelled as a family of 4 to NYC in July 2017. I spent plenty of days, hours, and minutes planning this trip. We are big movie/tv buffs so we decided to incorporate our vacation into seeing the top film/tv shooting sites of interest to us.