Bucket List

We have just finished our second month of 2022 – the shortest month of the year – yet what seems to be the longest month due to winter.  This got me thinking and dreaming of all the things I’d love to do in the future – my bucket list.  Do you have a bucket list?  

Coming up with the bucket list is the easy part, but ticking off the list is the challenge.  I love a good challenge, which is why I strongly advise everyone to come up with a bucket list.  It doesn’t have to contain out of this world tasks. But, once you have written down the list, screw it, just do it…. Richard Branson

In reality, my bucket list is similar to my Dream Board.  It’s just in list form.  It can also contain items of personal value, not necessary a tangible task.  For example.  Bucket lists can contain personality goals or traits you want to improve, or improve your serving abilities by help a neighbour more often. They can also contain extreme tasks like sky diving or race car driving.  

Where did the term Bucket List originate from.  After a quick search, it seems that from the 2007 Blockbuster Movie with Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman, the term bucket list became quite popular thereafter.   Many people nearing retirement often create a bucket list of items or tasks they want to accomplish during their ‘golden’ years.  TV shows like Glee or The Office have also incorporated bucket lists into their episodes which in turn inspires its audience to create their own.  

Here is a sample of my own Bucket List:

  1. Travel to the Carolina’s and visit each and every location spot of Nicolas Sparks books/movies
  2. Travel to Sweden to see how my heritage lived
  3. Kiss under the Eifle Tower
  4. Sip wine on a gondola in Venice 
  5. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
  6. Cook meals for a neighbour in need
  7. Go to a karaoke bar and sing
  8. Discover my family tree
  9. Touch every ocean
  10. Write another children’s book

As you can see, my bucket list contains a variety of items that I hope someday, I can have each one checked off. Having a bucket list, dreams, and/or goals to strive for keeps you young at heart and having a purpose in life.  Without purpose, you begin to die inside.  Dreams give you life.

So, as you start your day today – choose life.  Get out that piece of paper (or start a new NOTE on your phone) and create a Bucket List.  My prayer for you is that by the time your life ends here on earth and begins with Jesus, that your bucket list has been completely checked off.  

Do you have an interesting Bucket list?  If so, I’d love to see. Click below and send me your Bucket List.  You just may inspire me to add to mine.  

bucket list

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