Monthly Archive: September 2022


Filter Facade

If you are on social media, you will know that every app has its filters.  A filter to change the background of your photo. A filter to make you ‘look’ better. A filter to create a funny overlay on your face.  These filters were created to supposedly ‘better’ yourself, but are they...


The Nudge

How are you at last minute changes? When something completely changes your day and you have to drop what you have planned to deal with what is happening?  What about when that crazy driver or quirky neighbour annoys you? How do you react?  I have to admit that I don’t...

hello again

Hello Again….

It’s hard to believe it is September.  The last time I entered your inbox was July 1 and that seems like ages ago.  I am excited to be back in your email inbox or your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter feeds again.  A big ‘hello again’ from me to you.     To change a life, you don’t need...