Monthly Archive: June 2020

Summer in Boston: A 4-Day Itinerary

In the summer of 2018, we decided as a family to head to Boston. Home of the Boston Marathon, Fenway Park, Harvard (actually in Cambridge), The Freedom Trail, and many many more historical events. Again, being big movie buffs, we tied in seeing movie location spots of some of our favourite movies.

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Dream Box

I am not a born dreamer.  Some people are. My husband is.  I am not. I find dreaming or going after goals hard.  I am more of a detailed person. You dream up something and I can find the way or ways to implement it.  I am great at developing other’s dreams.  Just on the...

Alternatives for Dairy

Dairy-Free you say!  How do you get your calcium? You NEED dairy to be healthy.   Lets rewind to 1997.  My husband (to be at the time) was away at school and was discovering that his stomach was repeatedly sore and he was extremely stuffy after any time he ingested cheese, ice cream,...

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I am a people observer. I love to watch people. Whether that is at an airport, a mall, on a daily walk around our neighbourhood, or in a grocery store. I love observing others. We are on Day 75 (at the time of writing) of a province wide quarantine and what I have noticed with my eagle eyes is that instead of this quarantine easing people’s worries, it is accelerating their fears.