Are You A Butterfly?


I love Butterflies.  Seeing them in the summertime flying peacefully around creates such calm in my heart.  Have you ever thought about a Butterfly?  How she is created?  How she goes about her day? How she flies?  How she is transformed into such beauty? Have you ever thought if you are a Butterfly?

I love to learn and when I was reading about Butterflies, I was wondering how they transform?  She begins as a caterpillar – crawling on the ground – then slips away into a dark cocoon and then is transformed into a beautiful creature displaying all of God’s colours.  How miraculous!

Some Butterfly Facts:

  • Butterfly wings are transparent
  • They taste with their feet
  • They can’t fly if they are cold
  • They are nearsighted
  • They see red, green and yellow
  • Symbol of rebirth
  • Orange butterflies – often symbolize if seen after a death as a message of love
  • Yellow Butterflies – often symbolize if seen after a death as a message of hope
  • Red Butterflies – often symbolize – if seen after a death – as a message of happiness
  • Land with precision

There are many aspects of a butterfly that stand out to me.  Similar to my ‘Are you a Daisy’ and ‘Are you a Sunflower‘ blogs – butterflies can represent people – specifically women.   The way some women blend in with others as they go about their day – like a caterpillar.  Or the way some women will hide away, not engaging in any social activities or fun with friends – locking themselves from the world – like a cocoon.  To even how wonderful it is to see women full of life – beautiful on the inside and out.  Stunning, moving through life with grace and precision.

This is a butterfly!

In a devotional I recently read (The Beauty God Sees In You) – the author was comparing butterflies to the beauty we – as women – have.  Within a butterfly there is the strength of their bodies and the delicacy of their wings…They sing through the way they move. They are stunning with their colours and how they land with such precision.  This reminded me that I am a Butterfly.  And You are a butterfly too!

We may be shy, sometimes hide away from the world, or even have had some tragedies in life that has knocked us down, but we are strong – we have wings to carry us with grace and we will land with such precision and confidence.  We ALL have that strength inside of us.  

Whenever I see a butterfly – I see my mom.  Oftentimes, butterflies represent a loved one reminding you that they are ok.  Anytime I see a beautiful butterfly – a sense of calm occurs in my soul and I know my mom is saying ‘hi’.  My mom had the beauty and grace of a butterfly and she always landed on her feet in times of trouble (not that there were many).  She let her colourful spirit shine to any and all that she encountered and lived a life as a beautiful pillar of strength and monarch for her family.  

As we fly gracefully into 2024 – will you emerge as a beautiful butterfly?  Let your colours and light shine onto others and show your strength and precision to the world?  Come out of that cocoon and fly gracefully for the world to see.  

You are delicate but strong

You are graceful

You beautiful

To quote the poet Robert Frost – Butterflies are flowers that fly and all but sing.  Or another poet Victor Hugo – they “are but torn love-letters, that through the skies / flutter, and float, and change to butterflies.”

So go – flutter, fly and float into that beautiful butterfly that you are.  If you need help breaking out of that cocoon – some encouragement or a friend who will listen, click the button below.  I’m  here for you. 


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