Water Your Dreams


Do you have a bucket list?  Something you have always wanted to do? Or somewhere you have always wanted to go?  Do you like adventure?  If you have that inkling inside that is gnawing away at something – that could mean a dream is ready to burst into reality. It may just need you to water your dream in order for you to grow into your adventure.

Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream…Laozi.

We are all wired for adventure.  Do you really want to be on your death bed wishing you had done a whole list of ‘someday’ items?  I believe we all want to look back with gratitude at the amazing adventures we have experienced.  When we stop adventuring, we actual stop growing.  We learn through our adventures, our explorations, and our fun.  If we allow fear, or comfort to keep us from trying something new or seeing a new place – we risk a mediocre life of blahh and a loss of dreaming.

We need adventure to grow.

We need exploration to learn.

We need fun to live a meaningful life. 

We need to water our dreams with hope, anticipation, and creativity.

The adventurer inside of you will come alive if you nurture it, stick with it, and water it with your passion.  What adventures are you dreaming of?  

As you can probably tell from previous blogs, I love adventures.  I love finding a new spot to explore, a new city or town to visit, a new country to see, or a new walking trail to try out.  I love the excitement of what lies ahead.  I love learning about the history of an area.  I love finding a picture-perfect spot and soaking in its glory. 

Adventure fills my soul. 

Luckily, I’m married to a man who also loves adventure.  He may be more of a spontaneous “Lets go here” type of person. Whereas, I may be more of a planner, but in the end… we combine our gifts – our two different adventurous sides and water each other’s dreams of exploration.

January is a perfect month to sit down and write out those dreams stirring inside of you.  It could be as simple as sitting at the kitchen table with a warm cup of coffee or tea and listing out anything you’d love to do or see.  You may not be a coffee or tea drinking and may prefer a crisp glass of wine – if that is the case – sitting by the fire with your pinot grigio may be the perfect setting to tap into your dreams and goals.  

Another way is to do up a dream board.  Create a colourful and visually stimulating piece to look at daily.  This is a perfect way if you are a visual person – to see your dreams and go after them.  Creating a visual is like adding water to your dream – allowing them to grown and find purpose.  

To learn how to do a dream board – click HERE to read a past blog on the steps.

Here is a look at my dream board to give you an example.  It’s full of travel areas, fun adventures that my husband and I can see, and even fun family dreams.  I have filled it with anything that excites me and I’d love to accomplish or do.  It provides not only something to strive for, but also something to look forward to.  A purpose.  

dream board

If you have a dream that is gnawing inside of you – why don’t you go after it?  Not ready? Then create your dream board along with anything else you are hoping to do or see.  You’ll be surprise at what dreams just may come true when you can visually see them.

If you have a dream or a dream board you’d love to share, click below. I’d love to hear about it.

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