Are You A Daisy?

Are You A Daisy?

Don’t you think daisies are the friendlies flower?  – Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) in You’ve got mail.

One of my favourite movies is You’ve Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  In it, Meg Ryan’s character – Kathleen Kelly makes the statement – “Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?

Side note….. I love that movie so much that while in NYC, we searched out where the ‘Shop Around the Corner’ bookstore was – Upper West Side and got a picture.  

NYC movie locations - you've got mail.
‘Shop Around the Corner’ in You’ve Got Mail

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When you come to think of it… “Kathleen Kelly”  is a daisy.  Those of you who have seen the movie may understand.  Those of you who have not seen the movie… Drop everything (after reading this of course) and go watch. You will not be disappointed and you will want to move to NYC and open a bookstore (my secret dream – drop everything, live in the Upper West Side of NYC and own Shop Around the Corner – this coming from a small town girl – born and raised in Canada lol).   

Throughout the movie, her character has a cheerful demeanour – smiley, happy, a pleasant view of life.  Helping others, going that extra mile to those around her.  Even at times when hardship hit (SPOILER ALLERT)… when her bookstore is going under, she still has a positive outlook on life.  Her petals where dropping one by one around her. Her mom had passed years prior, her relationship had ended, her on-line relationship was actually her nemesis, her bookstore was going bankrupt….She still maintained her friendliness, her kindness, her cheery personality.  

At one point, she lashes out at the nemesis man (whom at the time, she didn’t know was her online relationship) who owns a big chain bookstore which in turn takes out her small ‘Shop around the Corner’ bookstore – SHE FELT HORRIBLE.  That wasn’t her. Wasn’t her personality.  It destroyed her.  She tried to be the strong, unfriendly business woman she wanted to be – “It’s not personal, it’s business” or…. “Go to the mattresses” , but she forgot who she really was. She didn’t stay true to herself – the daisy she was created to be.  

Daisies are the friendliest flower because they stick to who they are – even as the petals drop. They remain cheerful even to the last petal.  

A daisy is still a daisy even to the last petal

Look at that picture above.  The daisy with only 1 petal left.  Some may see it as a sad, lonely flower. Nothing but a weed.  But.. I see it as a chance to spread joy to one more person.  That yellow centre – the core – full of sunshine – full of the flowers ‘love’ nutrients reaching out with one last petal – to give and to pass on joy, friendliness, kindness, one last smile to another. That’s who I strive to be. We were created to spread joy and kindness just like Daisies were created to be the Friendliness Flower.  

So, today when you are going to work, walking your kids to school, sitting in the lunch room with your co-workers, or eating dinner with your family – be that Daisy you were created to be.  Be the ‘friendliest’ person you can be.  Wouldn’t it be nice to hear someone say:  “Don’t you think Rachel is the friendliness person?” (insert your own name).  

If we all just became a daisy, don’t you think the world we live in would be more cheerful?

…..I think the world in which we live in WOULD be more cheerful….

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