Back To The 90’s

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Have you ever gone back to your university or college town?  If so, do all those old memories come flooding back?  We often go back to our town – in part because our daughter goes to one of the tri-city (Waterloo, Ontario) schools.  We love to go back for a short visit because it brings us right back to the 90’s when we visit our old school.

My husband and I attended University of Waterloo back in the 90’s and loved it.  The whole town was exciting and offered many extracurricular activities to do.  Back in the day, we often ventured off to:

Whenever we come to the Waterloo area now, we stay at a local hotel.  On one of our last visits, we stayed at the Staybridge Suites Hotel in St Jacob’s, Ontario.  Situated right next to the St Jacob’s Farmer’s Market and across the street from the St Jacob’s Outlet Mall, it was a fabulous establishment offering many amenities to suit out needs. 

Note: You may have read a previous blog – St Jacob’s Staycation.  Please click HERE to read more about the St Jacob’s market, its Outlet and many other excursions and/or shopping districts nearby as well as other hotel options.  

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Location of Staybridge Suites

As mentioned above, this hotel is situated directly across from the St Jacob’s Farmer’s Market.  It is accessible right off of Hwy 85 or less than 10 minutes away from the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University and Conestoga College via Weber Street or King Street.  

Nearby Attractions:

In my previous blog – St Jacob’s Staycations – I list out the adjacent attractions including the St Jacob’s Farmer’s Market, the Outlet, Market Road Antiques, and Max’s Sports World.  A few other spectacular attractions and/or amenities include:

  • St Jacob’s Antique Market
  • Waterloo Central Railway – which includes the Christmas Train – a magical Christmas adventure lasting approximately an hour (please note, I have not experienced this fantastic attraction as of yet, but it is certainly on my bucket list to do).  
  • University of Waterloo (or Wilfrid Laurier University/Conestoga College)

Amenities of The Staybridge Suites:

This hotel is situated directly across from the St Jacob’s Farmer’s Market and St Jacob’s Outlet Mall.  Upon entering the newly built hotel, we were welcomed with a smile and the hotel Team Members were ready and eager to help with any of our needs or requests.  If you are an IHG member, you will obtain points for your stay which you can use for future IHG hotel stays, or for amenities like water or hotel upgrades.  

We had booked a standard King room which met our needs with abundance.  The suites at this hotel are equipped with a full kitchen which includes:

  • Cook-top stove
  • Full size fridge
  • Microwave
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher (with a single use detergent)
  • Pots
  • Glassware, cutlery, stemware, mugs, and plates

Simple, yet practical seating and tables are included in the suite for your eating and relaxing needs.  The bed and bathroom amenities also exceeded my expectations.  

Included in our stay was breakfast.  The communal breakfast area was a delight consisting of spacious seating, a fireplace and plenty of delicious breakfast items to choose from:

  • Coffee/Tea
  • Selection of juices
  • Fruit and/or fruit cups
  • Bananas
  • Pastries and/or muffins
  • Eggs
  • Waffle machine
  • Sausages (pork and/or turkey)
  • Jams/peanut butter

A state of the art fitness centre is available for all hotel guests as well as an indoor pool and splash pad making your stay and you or your children’s social needs perfectly relaxed.  If you require accessibility options, the hotel is equipped with a ramp, a lift and wheelchair accessible rooms.  

Our first time staying at this newly built hotel not only met our needs, it met our likes.  The team was friendly, welcoming and ready to serve any request that was put forth.  The location is perfect for exploring Amish country, St Jacob’s, nearby universities or colleges, as well as going down memory lane for some Alumni fun.  

If you are heading to the Waterloo area for business, travel, leisure or for sports, the Staybridge Suites Hotel will not only meet your needs, but present you with an abundance of extra opportunities to explore.  So go, pack your luggage and create some well-deserved laughter with your spouse or family.  You won’t regret it.  

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