Things That Make You Go Hmmmm… (#4)

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It’s been a while since there has been a ‘things that make you go hmmm’ blog.  The past few all seemed to be during that blip in time where fear seemed to rule the world.  Well, recently a head tilting moment occurred that made me quite puzzled in how the world is changing.  

Recognition is the fuel for future success…. Chris Richardson

We have an acquaintance who is topnotch in her banking field.  She practically runs the bank (although she actually doesn’t). Each year, she is sent on a first-class train extravaganza to an Award of Excellence gala where she is highly recognized and receives an accolade of awards. Not only does this acknowledge all of her incredibly hard work she has completed throughout the year, but she also receives recognition and appreciation for her efforts by her colleagues.  

Now, the head tilting moment…

No award of recognition is to be displayed in her office for clients and/or employees to view.  She has received countless of recognition awards all for her excellence and promotion, however, she has to hide them away.

Why you may ask?

If clients saw them, they may want to book an appointment with her and not one of the other employees.  In other words, it wouldn’t be fair.  Goodness!  Why would you want your employees want to strive for something? Work harder? Be competitive?  Actually earn something that they deserved, not just because it is fair.  

Let’s ponder that for a moment.  She is a topnotch employee who works extremely hard and is recognized for her efforts and abilities each year, yet she cannot display them for patrons of the public to see.  


What is happening to this world?  A world where fairness is priority and not excellence or accomplishment?  No child is held back anymore in school – everyone passes. Regardless if that child is developmentally strong enough for the next grade.  No student gets a failing grade or if they miss a deadline for an assignment, well… that’s ok. Hand it in when you are finished and you will still get the opportunity to get an A.

In the working world, there is no (or very little) punishment or enforcement for employees. Missed deadlines, mistakes of procedures, or even misconduct can all be handled through human resources and result in the employee keeping their job and the employer in hot water. 

The world has gone backwards. Striving for excellence, accomplishment, betterment and promotion has disappeared. There seems to be no ‘work your way up the ladder’ thought and all ‘everyone on the same playing field’ mentality.   

Going back to my acquaintance, she should be not only recognized for her hard work by her colleagues and superiors, but she also should be recognized within the public – with her awards and plaques on display (if she so chooses).  Customers and clients should be able to make their own decisions if they want to choose her for her expertise, or another representative.  I know for myself – I’d definitely make an appointment with someone who has achieved many awards due to their experience – especially when it comes to handling money.

What are your thoughts on this?  

Do you comply with today’s world and make each day-to-day interaction ‘fair’ in your workplace or environment?


Were you raised to work hard, strive for excellence, understand you will not get a ribbon if you lose the race, or the kicker…. If you hand in a project late there are repercussions or a failing grade?

I was raised with the latter and I believe we raised our own children that way as well.  Both of them knew and understood growing up that if they did not do their chores, they would not receive their allowance.  If they did not put in the effect for a test or project – a poor grade would follow.  If someone they knew received an award or recognition in something and they themselves did not – they were to celebrate their friend, not complain.  

Recognition is the greatest motivator… Gerard C. Eakedale

As I have mentioned in past ‘things that make you go hmmm’ blogs, these points are only little rants of mine, but if I am thinking it, I would like to believe someone else is too.  

Have you been recognized at your workplace, school or outside event, but have been discouraged to celebrate it so you won’t offend someone?  If so, click the button below.  I’d love to hear about it.  Share it with me and I will celebrate with you.  You deserved to be celebrated!


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