Why Is The Number 22 Special?


As 2022 is nearing its completion, I began to think about the significance of the number 22.  Does it have any significance? Any meaning?  Any value?  After reading up on the number 22 and thinking about another special ‘22’ in my life, I know exactly why the number 22 is special.  

Train children to live the right way, and when they are old, they will not stray from it… Proverbs 22:6

Certain numbers resonate with me.  For example, 1111.  I often look at a clock or time board and 11:11 is showing – after searching its meaning – I found that it means an angel is watching over me.

This year – is a big year.  Our baby girl is turning 22.  So, why is 22 so special?

  • 22 is perceived as the most powerful and creative number.  Meaning, you are able to overcome all kinds of obstacles.
  • In 2022 – it has the angel number 222 within it.  The number 222 represents balance, hope, and trust.  It tells us to relax and be in the moment.  
  • 22 is considered the Master Builder – great at communicating.  
  • Those within the number 22 are very ambitious and disciplined, as well as intuitive, emotional, dependable and responsible.  They are natural leaders and love to motivate others.
  • With regards to love – those of 22 are very caring, nurturing and honest

Wow!  Each and every one of those points is a representation of our baby girl.  Although, she does not need the number 22 ‘titled’ to her to have others see it.  She has always been these traits.  Always been special.  Always been a leader. Always been a gift from God.  

Our Daughter is:

  • She is so creative – always has amazing ideas
  • She can overcome all things – nothing can stand in her way
  • She is an Angel to anyone who has been blessed to know her
  • She is an amazing communicator and will become such a gifted teacher one day
  • She has such a caring heart and would help anyone in need
  • She is so incredibly funny
  • She is beautiful not only on the outside (stunning actually), but so incredibly beautiful on the inside
  • She is extremely smart
  • She has a sense of style that is so fashionable and classy
  • She is committed to her friends
  • She loves her brother
  • She is a daddy’s girl
  • She looks up to her mom still
  • She loves to read and learn
  • She can forgive easily
  • She is a true leader and has been recognized by others in that department
  • She is gifted at teaching others
  • She has such a strong faith
  • She has a sense of adventure
  • She loves to travel and see new places
  • She has a drive for success
  • Her love shines so bright that others cannot help but see the goodness inside of her

Now do you wonder why the number 22 is so special?  I just wrote down 22 of the most special traits a person can have and our daughter exemplifies each one of those traits to the fullest.

Sweetpea, as you go about your day today – know that you are loved and were brought into this world as a gift to not only your Dad and I, but to everyone who gets to know you.  The year 22 will be an extremely special year as you embark on so many new adventures.  It will be a year of hope, trusting in your future, leading others and yourself into the future that God has planned for you all along.  

Happy Birthday my love.  I hope you have an amazing day.  I love you.  

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