The Nudge


How are you at last minute changes? When something completely changes your day and you have to drop what you have planned to deal with what is happening?  What about when that crazy driver or quirky neighbour annoys you? How do you react?  I have to admit that I don’t always react in a manner that would be pleasant.  I have often gotten frustrated or allowed ‘choice’ words to be muttered under my breath.  When you are in those moments, do you feel an urge or a nudge to be kinder? A nudge to not think those thoughts or say those ‘choice’ words?  That is a nudge from God.  

If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours – Dolly Parton

I was reading a devotional the other day by Andy Stanley called Irresistible.  He talked about living life with how Jesus modelled it.  There was no Bible to follow back then.  They were living it.  Learning from Jesus or Jesus’ disciple’s and their recordings.  The ‘Good Book’ was in real time and those following Jesus was learning from Him and Him alone.  

A realization that occurred while reading this devotional was that God’s spirit will always nudge us in the direction of kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.  When we are in the middle of a ‘frustrating’ moment and we feel that ‘nudge’ to speak kinder, to be calm and gentle, or to refrain from lashing out… that is God nudging us in the right direction.  

When you go against that ‘nudge’ – do you ever find that your world starts to spiral downwards? I know for me, that when I give in to my frustrating moment – I tend to lash out, say unkind words to my family, be sarcastic, or laugh at someone else’s’ expense.  That direction is a direction of hostility, indifference, selfishness, harshness, or self-indulgence.  

There is always a fork in the road that you have to choose from.  

fork in road

Picture a caution sign at the peak of the fork (in the road). 

Which direction are you going to choose?  That caution sign is there for a purpose.  Choose the road that is going to push you towards your purpose.  You will know if you made the correct choice if your spirit is light, you have peace, there is a gentleness about you and you are full of love.  If you don’t have those things, then you have taken a detour that you’ll need to ‘re-calculate’ quickly to get back on track. Just like a car GPS redirects you back to where your purpose is, God will redirect you as well with his G.P.S (God’s Purpose Simplified)

So, when you are in doubt of something, frustrated or annoyed at a co-worker or friend. When you are at that fork in the road – make the decision to max out kindness.  Take a deep breath and list off 5 positive qualities about your neighbour or loved one, or 5 positive points of the day (it’s sunny, or it’s raining so my flowers will be watered, I get paid today, I am healthy, my house did not get ruined in the big storm).  You will be amazed at how God will take you down the direction of kindness, gentleness and self-control.  You will see how your spirit will be lighter and more at peace.  God will nudge you in that direction if you just listen close. 

Acting on the nudge will provide you with peace.  It will provide you with the ability to live your life like Jesus did.  It will provide you with a loving heart.  

As you go about your day today, listen closely for those nudges.  A subtle nudge can just push you in the direction of your soul purpose of the day.  I know I’ll be listening loud and clear.  

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