Back To School Supplies

back to school

Fall is approaching…. Fast.  That means one topic to parents; back to school and back to school supplies.  This may be exciting for some or this may be stressful for others.  For me, it’s a mixture of both.

Don’t you just love New York in the fall?  It makes me want to buy school supplies – You’ve Got Mail

Whether you are excited or stressed with school approaching may depend on the stage of life you are in.  For me, I am in the stage where both my children are in university.  To see them off on their own going after their dreams brings me great joy and excitement however, preparing them and cutting the ties for them to be independent causes many stressors.  

When they were younger, I loved taking them to Walmart or Staples to purchase all of the necessary supplies on their lists:

  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • High-Lighters
  • Paper
  • Backpacks
  • Lunch kits
  • Binders
  • Rulers
  • Markers

Now, it is a bit different.  Staples may still be in there, but also added are the electronic stores, kitchen supplies, and dorm essentials.  The spare room in my house looked like a tornado had hit it with the mountain of items necessary for both my children to survive on their own at university. 

This got me thinking of how I could eliminate or ease my emotional stressors during this time of year.

Emotional Stressors:

  • Kids travelling far for school
  • Kids moving away from home
  • Making sure the kids have everything that they may need
  • What if they forget something?
  • Budgeting
  • Still wanting to feel needed
  • Letting go

Do any of these points resonate with you? A few weeks ago, we dropped off our oldest for her 4th year at University and I thought it would feel easier.  Instead, my heart hurt the entire way home.  All of these points were racing through my brain.  

Once home though, and I had a moment to relax and think clear. I discovered we had prepared our daughter to be away.  She is strong and more than capable to make decisions.  Am I still here for her? Absolutely.  I just know that she can handle anything that comes her way.  

Last week, we dropped off our youngest at University for the first time.  Now, this may be a whole new adjustment for us since we will now be empty nesters.  However, our son has watched us prepare his sister and he has gained independence on his own.  We have no doubt in our minds that he will have everything he needs to succeed in his first year.  I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t cry… I did. But! He is strong, capable, and can handle anything that comes his way.

So, if you are in a similar stage as me, run though a different ‘Back To School’ supply list:

  1. Start a new hobby
  2. Join a gym
  3. Set up regular facetime moments with your children (but keep in mind to not do this daily – they do need their independence)
  4. Coffee dates (or other outings) with your husband (or if not married – a friend)
  5. Organize closets
  6. Learn to cook different styles of foods or try new recipes
  7. Travel
  8. Write a book or start a blog
  9. Put together surprise boxes for your children and send them
  10. Have a spa day

These are just a few ways to create a healthy mind and to begin the process of getting back to whom you once were.  All this time, your soul’s purpose was to be a mom and now, they have spread their wings and exploring their educational dreams.  Get to know yourself again and have fun in the process.  

You’ll find your soul’s purpose will always be a mom, but you’ll discover other purposes in your life. For example; reconnecting with your husband.  Plan out fun activities together or start a new hobby.  Back to school can also mean you can learn something new as well and why not learn something new with your spouse?  I challenge you to get creative and have fun.  I gave my husband The Adventure Challenge as a gift.  We have yet to start it, but I know adventure awaits filled with fun and laughter.  God gave you a purpose of life. Now go and be purposeful for your married life together.  


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