Summer Staycation

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Summer is fast approaching which means kids home from school and holidays.  What do you normally do for your summer holidays? Do you travel far? Head to a cottage? Or, stay close to home?  

We have done a mixture of everything for our summer holidays?  We have travelled to Ireland (check out a previous blog – 10-Day Ireland Itinerary), gone to our cottage for relaxing dock-side fun, and we have stayed close to home.  A few summers ago, we took the ferry cruise to Heart Island to see the infamous Boldt Castle on the St Lawrence Seaway.  I must say, this was one of our top summer staycation memories. 

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After some searching, we chose Rockport Cruise Lines for our ferry adventure.  We purchased the ferry tickets online prior to our day-trip. Upon arrival, we submitted our receipt to the ticket booth on location and in exchange we received our ferry passes.  The quaint town of Rockport hosts a variety of cute shops and restaurants to put in the time while you are waiting for the ferry departure.  

Rockport Cruise Line

It was soon time to board the ferry for our 4-hour tour and we were filled with excitement.  We toured around the St Lawerance Seaway for about an hour before heading to Boldt Castle.  There, we had approximately 2 hours to explore the castle and the beautiful grounds.  It was impeccable.  The structure of the castle and the history of the island was absolutely fascinating.  

Back story of Boldt Castle:

George C. Boldt, a millionaire proprietor of the world famous Waldorf Astoria hotel in NYC, purchased Heart Island to build a full size castle for his lovely wife.  In 1904, tragedy struck, his wife had died suddenly. Struck with grief, he stopped all construction of the castle.  He was heartbroken and could not imagine his dream castle without his beloved wife, so he never returned to the island.  It remained untouched and unfinished for 73 years until the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority took it over in 1977 and began to preserve the structure.  Since 1977, several million dollars have been applied to restoring the castle structures.  

During our ferry cruise to and from Boldt Castle, we passed by Millionaire Row and the smallest international bridge.  These two additional site-seeing events completed our fabulous day with glory.  

We returned back to Rockport after approximately 4 hours. A perfect way to spend an afternoon.  Not wanting to head home just yet, we ventured over to Cornwalls Pub for a delicious dinner.  

I would highly recommend this day trip to anyone how loves the water, a bit of history, and has a love of castles. If you have previous read my Castle Fit For A Princess blog, you will know that I love castles.  

Special note: You need a valid passport to see Boldt Castle since it is on the American side of the St Lawrence Seaway so don’t forget that.

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