A Castle Fit For A Princess

Kilkea castle, ireland

Have you ever dreamed of being a princess? Living in a castle? A Knight in shining armor sweeping you off your feet?  If you are a girl, I’d say yes you have.  

A dream is a wish you heart makes – Cinderella

In July 2019, we had a dream trip to Ireland.  Ireland is filled with over 30 000 castles.  It was one of our many quests to see many of them up close if we could.  One dream I had was to stay in a castle for a night.  I searched and searched and I found the perfect one.  It was picture perfect.  Kilkea Castle in County Kildare Ireland. A castle fit for a princess.

Kilkea Castle Overview:

The castle was established in 1180 – the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Ireland.  Over the years, the castle grew in size becoming what it is today – magnificent.  The castle itself is situated on 180 acres of beautiful countryside with a long tree lined driveway that welcomes you as your arrive.  As the woodlands disappear, the spectacular castle is becomes apparent in full view.  

The castle’s accommodations are split into three options:

We stayed in the Carriage House rooms.  Since we are a family of four, we were required to have two rooms since each of the Carriage rooms had single (Queen) bed options.  They were beautiful.  Each room was outfitted with a comfortable queen bed, amenities like coffee and tea, a TV, full bathroom and a lovely window overlooking the old  ‘carriage’ area of the castle.  

The grounds of the castle are situated within an, 18-hole golf course, tennis course, and beautiful gardens. Other experiences available at the Castle or nearby include:

  • The Spa
  • Equestrian (Kilkea is known around the world as the Thoroughbread County)
  • The Irish National Stud (a horse breeding facility 25 minutes away)
  • 4×4 Off Road Experience
  • Whisky Tasting
  • Fishing
  • Personal Training
  • Walking Paths
  • World-class golf
  • Weddings and Conferences
  • Archery
  • Falconry (Falcons, Owls, Hawks can be seen amidst the backdrop of the Castle)

We only stayed at this fabulous castle one night, but it was a night to remember.  Prior to eating, we walked the grounds snapping up magazine worthy pictures and discovering an old cemetery with inhabited ancestors of the castle as well as their pets.  We ate at the Clubhouse; delicious fish and chips and topped the evening off with some fun on the putting green.  

Our package included breakfast.  Bright and early before our departure to Dublin Airport, we headed to the Breakfast buffet.  Scrumptious.  Every Irish tradition available:  scones, eggs, beans, soda bread, fruit, sausages, waffles and avocado toast.  It was hard to choose between all the delicious items.  

Our fairytale castle experience had come to an end, but it would leave a life lasting memory.  A little girl’s dream of staying in a castle was fulfilled.  My knight in shining armor by my side with the bonus of our two adoring children to share this with.  I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone visiting Ireland. 

Kilkea Castle


  • Only an hour from Dublin Airport
  • The backdrop is a fairytale setting
  • You feel like a princess (or a prince)
  • Food was impeccable
  • Service and hospitality was top notch
  • Many on-site experiences to choose from
  • World-class golf

Things To Consider:

Cost:  Upon booking, I got so excited about finding this castle, that I did not do the monetary conversion properly.  Euros to Canadian Dollars.  We laugh about it now, but that one night – for me to be a Princess in a Castle – cost us $1000.  So, if you are budgeting your upcoming Irish vacation, take that into account. That being said, I would not have had it any other way.  It was a dream of a lifetime and each member of my family would highly agree.

Things I Would Do Next Time:

I would definitely check out the spa.  A relaxing massage at a castle? That would definitely be a highlight.  There is also an authentic Irish Pub only a mile away – Moone High Cross Inn.  Celebrities such as Clint Eastwood and Sandra Bullock have apparently visited it as well.  Lastly, I would love to see the owls as part of the Falconry experience. I love owls. Makes me think of Harry Potter.  

So, whether you are a Prince or a Princess, a King or a Queen, including Kilkea Castle into your Ireland Vacation Itinerary would not disappoint.  It is definitely a castle fit for a princess. We have had many laughs since going down memory lane and I’d pack up my luggage in a heartbeat to return.  

For more information on Ireland and what you can see and do in 10 days, please click on my Ireland Vacation Blog for details and tips.  

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