Fitting In Your Fitness

fitting in your fitness

Are you a busy mom? A busy Wife? Or simply unable to organize your day to fit in ‘you’ time? I know I have been there.  Some days, by the time I am up, have organized the household, get to work, home from work and meal plan – by the end of the day… I have realized I did nothing to take care of me on a fitness or health level.  Fitting in your fitness is not only important for your health, but also for your mind.  

I hate every minute of training. But I said, don’t quit. Suffer now and spend the rest of your life as a champion…. Muhammad Ali.

I have found over the years that weekly planning is key.  Do you have a journal or a weekly planner?  These help immensely.  Each week, I sit down and plan my Monday to Friday.  I plan out my meals, when I am going to exercise, fun stuff (like date nights or family fun), and household chores.  This reassures me that I am fitting in not only my fitness, but other important events or requirements.

For Example:

On Saturdays or Sundays, I sit down with the weekly flyers or groceries apps and plan out our family meals. I then head to the grocery store to pick up those necessary items I need.  I also determine which days and what time I will exercise that week.  Generally, I exercise on Tuesday mornings, Thursdays mid day and Friday mornings.  Those are my scheduled fitness days, but often, I am heading out for walks in the evening with my husband for a lovely end of the day stroll.   For a mininum, I try to execute 3 fitness days with a couple extra walks. 

Another way to help track or achieve your fitness goals is by using the Apple Watch.  I love my watch because it has plenty of fitness tracking options (plus you can download more) to choose from.  Once you start one – for example – outdoor Walk – it will track the speed, time and distance you are walking.  Upon completion of the walk, you simply press stop.  You can compare days or weeks on the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.  An added bonus is that you will gain fitness badges/awards for any exercise goals completed.  It’s a fun way to help you achieve your fitness and track it at the same time.

Another way I help plan out my fitness is determining which type of fitness I will be doing on my scheduled fitness days.  Sample ‘theme’s include:

  • Kettlebell
  • Cardio HIIT
  • Outdoor Run
  • Lower body + Core
  • Upper body + Core

There are plenty of exercise apps or YouTube channels to help you with this. Some of my favourites are:

I try to change up my weeks thoughout the month to make my workouts more challenging plus to add in some variety.  If you are over the age of 40, you may be interested in reading a previous blog I did on: Fitness Over 40.

So, if you are having some difficulty sticking to your weekly workouts, try planning them out.  Get yourself a journal or a weekly planner and write it down.  Writing down any of your personal goals, events, fitness days, meal ideas or personal fun will certainly aid in successfully fulfilling them.  

One of my favourite weekly planners is the Christian Planner, but if you like to browse for others, Amazon and Staples have plenty to choose from as well.  

Need help with Fitness encouragment?  Click below and I can help.  


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