Hello Again….

hello again

It’s hard to believe it is September.  The last time I entered your inbox was July 1 and that seems like ages ago.  I am excited to be back in your email inbox or your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter feeds again.  A big ‘hello again’ from me to you.    

To change a life, you don’t need to do anything grand. Sometimes all you have to do is just say “Hello” – D. Hettiarachchi

How did you spend your summer? Did you take any time for yourself? Your family? Travel?  Or, do you save up your holidays for another time of the year?  Did you take any time to reflect? Dream? Laugh? Or, experience something new?

I must say I can answer yes to all of these.

The summer of 2022 provided ample time for me to balance my daily routine with some ‘me-time’ as well as ‘family-time’.  We had much needed relaxation and fun at the cottage, as well as we booked a last-minute family vacation overseas (stay tuned for some upcoming blogs regarding our adventure).  I also took the time to become inspired and plan some new blogs and new platform ideas in which I plan to also share with you in some upcoming weeks.  All in all, I feel refreshed, inspired, and eager to share with you my thoughts, dreams, and adventures.  


Time away (or a break) is just as important as diving into your dreams.  It allows your mind, body and soul to become refreshed and inspired again.  It allows you to spend quality time with your family and friends.  It allows you to relax and take things slow.  It allows peace.  

I look at my time of reflection as a purposeful pivot.  God redirecting me to focus (or refocus) on what is most important in my life:

  • God
  • My Family
  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Dreaming
  • Adventure
  • Laughter
  • Travel
  • Solitude

A necessary pivot in my daily routine to allow me to stop, listen, reflect, enjoy, and breathe.  A way of life slowing you down.  You weren’t created to run a marathon each and every day.  There are others in your life that depend on you and if you don’t slow down, you will miss that one thing that is truly important.  What is that ‘one thing’?  Like Curly said from City Slickers… that’s for you to figure it out.

City Slickers
What’s that one thing? It’s for you to figure out.

So, happy September. Happy fall. I hope you have a wonderful week full of laughter and maybe even packing your luggage for a little adventure.

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