Happy Canada Day

Canada Day

Happy Canada day. This Friday is Canada day. Our countries birthday.  Canada is 155 years old this year.  Wow!  That’s a big one.  

I love Canada. I am from Canada. I will bash the Canadian governement, but never Canada…. Jason Priestley

Over the last 150 years, Canada has had quite a few accomplishments:

  • Invention of Peanut Butter
  • Canada has the longest coastline in the world
  • Quebec is the only walled city in North America
  • We have the Loonie and the Toonie
  • The Trans-Canada Highway is one of the world’s longest highways (7821 km)
  • Toronto has the world’s biggest underground shopping complex
  • The oldest pool of water in a Canadian mine – in Timmins Ontario
  • Winnie The Pooh was named after a bear from Canada
  • Hudson’s Bay Company – initially founded for fur trading – then blankets – and still has its iconic HBC blanket today
  • The Stanley cup
  • Basketball invented by James Naismith
  • Creation of Insulin
  • Quite a few famous actors/actresses. A few of them include: Jim Carrey, Mike Meyers, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Neil Young, Alanis Morisette, Ryan Reynolds, Jason Priestly, Ryan Gosling, Leonard Cohen
  • Terry Fox

Those are just a few Canadian accomplishments that come to mind. Canada certainly has produced many amazing and sigificant events and people over the years.

It has produced YOU!  

Whether you are 90, 49 or even 16 (and anywhere in between).  You were created and produced to achieve amazing things in this wonderful country of ours.  There may be times where you feel stuck or in a slump.  Use those times for brainstorming. Get creative about what you’d like your life to be, or what you’d like to do.  

A vision/dream board is an excellent way to plan.  If you haven’t read a previous blog regarding this – click HERE and see how a vision/dream board can help.  

I know – for me – summer brings the excitement of planning travel or events for my husband and I or for our family as a whole.  

Things I plan out during the summer:

  • Summer vacation fun
  • Winter vacation fun
  • Business promotion ideas
  • Blog topics
  • Fall purging of closets and cupboards
  • Fitness goals
  • Summer and fall recipes

In order for me to get creative.  

In order for me to get focussed.

In order for me to plan.

I need to step away and ‘unplug’ my brain from the daily grind of routine.  A blog vacation if you must.  Not only will the Fall bring excitement of a new season, but Fall will bring many more uplifting, exciting and hopefully enjoyable new blogs for your reading pleasure.

Side Note: If you only just found Laughter and Luggage – do not fret.  A quick search throughout the website and you will find plenty of lifestyle encouragement posts, tasty recipes, and fitness tips to fill your summer reading needs.  

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you”. 

So, as you celebrate Canada Day.  As you relax and enjoy a well deserved amazing summer – I will be doing the same.  

Happy Canada Day from me to you.

Canada Day

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