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We are about to jump into a brand new year.  2021. What will this year bring us?  What adventures or challenges may come our way?  What will we strive to accomplish?

When you enter a new year, do you often feel overwhelmed? Excited?  Scared?  I have and I do.  A business-coaching program we belonged to had an excellent strategy for organizing your dreams and goals in order to NOT feel overwhelmed.  It is called a Vision Dream Board.  You may have read a past blog of mine about a Dream Box.  This is a very similar concept and you may want to pursue this strategy instead.  Click HERE to read about Dream Boxes.  

They say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true – Sleeping Beauty

For a Vision Dream Board, some crucial steps to begin with are to ‘dump’ out all your thoughts with regards to goals and dreams.  Categories often help as well.  Also ask yourself if it will be a yearly Dream Board? Or a 5 -ear plan? Or a 10-year plan?  Here are a few for examples of categories:

  • Family Goals
  • Spiritual Goals
  • Career Goals
  • Fitness Goals
  • Financial Goals
  • Social/Recreational Goals

The way I begin is with writing down all my dreams and goals on a piece of paper (for me, I like a physical piece of paper and a pen. Others may find it more useful using your Notes App on your iPad. It’s your choice).  Then, I start categorizing them.  You’ll be amazed at what you put down.  No goal or dream is too small or too big.  Just put it down. 

Once you have all your goals and dreams categorized, the fun part begins.  Search for pictures representing those ideas.  You can do it the old fashion way of flipping through magazines and pasting them onto bristle board. Or, you can do it digitally.  I have done both, but I prefer the digital dream board since I can have it handy on my laptop at all times.  

Here is my Vision Dream Board for 2021-2022.  I love to travel, so I do have a lot of places I dream of going to on there. I also love family time and time spent exploring with my husband.  I have incorporated all of these aspects onto my board.

dream board, vision board

As you can see, I have incorporated many of my categories onto the board and organized it in a visually stimulating manner. It catches my eye each time I look at it.

Do Vision Dream boards work? Yes, they certainly do. I had a dream of paying off our mortgage by 2020. I had put this on a 2015 vision dream board with a 5 year goal. We had it paid off by 2018. I also had a dream of visiting Ireland. It had been on my board for many years and in 2019, that dream came true (see 10-Day Ireland Trip and A Castle Fit For A Princess blogs).

You see. No dream is too big or small. Just put it down. The physical step of putting it on your board and looking at it each day stimulates you. It takes you one step closer in accomplishing your goal or dream. Dreaming can be scary, but it can also be exciting. Do it together with your spouse and you can then discover his or her dreams. You’ll be amazed at the ideas that come forth.

Lastly, I had put ‘Write A Blog’ on my 2020 vision dream board and back in March 2020, I launched Laughter and Luggage. Although it is still taking off, I have been having the best 9 months of writing and inspiring all of you. I do dream of using my luggage again sometime soon so I can spread the laughter and joy I experience on our family adventures.

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