Forget About Me – I Love You


I came across an acronym for FAMILY the other day. 

Like many of you, I am sure…. the Covid-19 news has overloaded your social media platforms, your news feed, your emails, your tv and basically all general conversation.  It can create heaviness and worries on your heart and in your head.  

When I saw that acronym, it put a huge smile on my face because no matter what is going on in life. No matter what situation is occurring.  No matter what negative news is inindating my newsfeed, I will still and always will put my family first (like most moms – and dads – do).  

I have teenagers. Well, my oldest is on her way out of teenage hood, but hanging on by a thin thread.  I see the concern. I see it in their actions.  I see it in their eyes.  They can’t hang out with friends, attend school, coffee shops are now closed, and gyms are closed.  Over and over I remind them.  I love you. I love you. I love you. 

The reason I can “Forget about me” is that I know God has me.  He is my Father – looking after me. He won’t let anything bad happen to me.  So, just like the parent He is to me, I will be THAT parent to my children – even at their ages of 19 and 16.  

God brings joy to me everyday in order for ‘me’ to forget about ‘me.  He brings the sunshine. He brings the laughter of a comedy show. He brings the smiles of others walking up the street. He brings the flowers now sitting on my hutch (well… I would say He spoke to my sweet husband on that one who in turn purchased those flowers to put a smile on my face).  Every day, He brings the joy I need to go about my day in order for myself to ‘forget me’ and be present and able for my children – especially in this time of unrest.  

Fun things we do to forget about what’s happening:
  1. Puzzles.  We love doing puzzles together
  2. Board games
  3. Walks
  4. Hikes in the forest
  5. FaceTime giggles with my daughter away at school
  6. Movie nights
  7. Campfires

I know with the travel bans on currently that you couldn’t be ‘laughing with luggage’, but there will be another opportunity in the near future for that travel.  Use this time to reconnect with your family.  Be creative.  Laugh a lot. Laugh out loud (it’s good for your soul).  Make each other laugh.  Take up a new hobby (I have seen a few friends doing YouTube paint lessons… this has sparked my interest for sure!).  

God doesn’t close one door without opening another.  The door you’re about to open will change your life.  Step in.  Smile.  Relax.  And laugh.  God has you, so you can have your children.  Show them what Family means – that selfless joy and love of putting them first and creating new memories.  Years to come, they won’t remember the worry or the stress. They will remember the calm and love you provided through all things – the good and the bad.  

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