You’re Only What?????

You only get one you, it’s best to just love yourself… Naya Rivera

I was attending church the other day and listening to our Paster speak on his series ‘What If’.  One of his points was talking about how others view themselves… (one point I got out of it was how others view themselves…) 

I’m only a daughter

I’m only a mom

I’m only a wife

I’m only a clerk

I’m only a teacher

I’m only a office manager

I’m only a boss

I’m only a ……..

The list goes on and on.  Often times depression or self pity can occur due to these ‘only’ moments.  Stay at home mom’s can often feel not important due to having no outside ‘job’, or depending on your job – you may not feel like you are making a difference in life.  

Embrace your ‘only’.  Because to others, you are somebody.  Your ‘only’ is made up of a million little things – a million puzzle pieces to create/build/encompass who YOU are.  

Side note… I love puzzles. I love how creative they are. How a 1000 tiny pieces can all fit perfectly and strategically to build a bigger picture. A masterpiece.

Every characteristic you have are all pieced together to create you - a masterpiece.

This is YOU.  Each piece. Every intricate trait, role, job, hobby and characteristic you have are all pieced together to create YOU – a masterpiece.  

Whether you are an executive on the top floor of an office building with a string of employees below you or a stay at home mom playing barbies or building LEGO cities or anything in between – you ARE making a difference to those around you. Your children are learning the sacrifice you took to stay home with them or they are learning the  sacrifice you are taking for providing for your family and working.  Those people you encounter at the store/library/gas station/bus stop….every smile, every warm hello, puts a little spark of love into their soul – creating moments in themselves in forms of the puzzle pieces making Up who they are. 

Your ONLY makes a HUGE difference to everyone around you – even those people you don’t know.  Even those people you don’t interact with but walk by at the grocery store.  Your smile is infectious. Remember that!  Your smile is infectious.  If you walk by someone smiling and they have had a bad day. Just seeing you smiling will turn their day around or give them a tiny ‘smirk of a smile’ a tiny ‘lift’ in their day.  

Your ONLY creates the joy pieces to their own puzzle.  Piece by piece their puzzle will then create pieces of someone else’s puzzle.  It is an overflow of moments starting with YOU.  Your smile, your kindness, your humour, your compassion….. 

Remember- your only is just one tiny puzzle piece amongst 1000’s of other perfectly ordained pieces making the masterpiece we all know as YOU

Embrace your ONLY. Now go. Be you. 

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