Fall Back – Spring Ahead

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Happy September 1.  When you opened your inbox today, were you shocked and surprised to see Laughter and Luggage in there?  I am so happy to be back in your inbox (or social media link if that’s how you find me).

The summer hiatus was much needed.  Not only did my brain get a chance to rest, but I got the chance to just ‘chill’ and spend quality time with my family.  With fall just around the corner, it had me thinking of the old saying “Fall back and Spring ahead”.  What made me think of that saying you ask?  For me, fall has always been a time of renewal, new adventures, new school clothes, or new routines morphing from old routines of the past.  With so many ‘new’ aspects to this fall (both children away at university), I will most likely find it hard to fall back into my old routine ways and will find new ways to spring ahead to new hobbies, new routines, and a new way of thinking.  

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.  The secret of your success is found in your daily routine – John C. Maxwell.

How did you spend your summer? Did you take any vacation time? Did you try something new?  Did you work every day?  Did you make time – real quality time for your family?

As mentioned above, I had a great summer.  We spent most of it at the cottage, listening to the waves of the lake, the crickets chirping in the grass, and sipping a glass of wine in the evening.  We laughed a lot, told stories and planned for the fall (mostly preparing myself for the departure of both children off to university – insert tear).  

Looking back on the past 2 months, there were a few key summer moments that really stood out and will definitely be documented in the memory books:

  1. Our annual cottage weekend with my Dad. The boys all have a fishing tournament and yet again, my dad won for the 3rd time.  (Although, new rules are being implemented for next summer with the new addition of a fish scale and measuring tape).
  2. My son’s prom.  I was so happy that he finally experienced a somewhat normal milestone event.  This brought tears of joy to my soul.
  3. Providing support for a dear childhood friend who not only lost her home to a tornado, but was also seriously injured. Stopping by her home, listening to her sister explain in detail the event and being able to help out financially filled our servant hearts to the brim. 
  4. Gilmore Girls marothon nights with my daughter.
  5. Nordik Spa with my amazing husband.

We couldn’t have asked for a better summer.  Bonding over much laughter, new experiences and helping others in need really brought pure joy to our hearts.  

Now that fall is approaching, I am starting to look ahead and plan – spring ahead if you will.  My husband and I will be officially ‘empty nesters’ (at least for 8 months while our children are away at school) so now; my planning only incorporates the two of us for the most part.  

How do you plan for the future? Do you go day by day and see what the day brings? Or, do you write down ideas or thoughts for upcoming weeks?  For me, I like to plan.  I often start out with a dump list or a smattering of anything that comes to mind that I may want to do, write about, read, cook or organize. 

agenda, planning

My Fall/Winter Dumplist:

Begin blogs again

Blog ideas include: new recipes, fitness help, travel, inspirational, self help

Clean out cupboards in kitchen

Clean out bathroom cupboards

Clean out storage room

Donate clothing

Paint nights

Dinner dates

Explore local towns

Take the train to Quebec City for a weekend

Visit Picton for a wine tour

Find new instapot or slow cooker recipes 

That is just a glimpse into my brain, but it gives you an idea.  Now, how to implement it?  Where do you start? Are they achievable now? Or later on?  The best idea I have is to plan out your weeks and months.  Pick what would be achievable during the given week and so on.  Sit down with your spouse and plan out your get-a-way.  You’ll soon see how easy it is to plan and implement.  

Well, there you have it.  A glimpse into what my hiatus has produced – many fall and winter ideas.  Where will I begin on my list?  You may have already guessed – my blogs.  Today is day 1 of a series of new blogs in which I hope you will enjoy, bring much needed laughter and possibly inspire you to pack your luggage and explore.  

If you would like to help out the Stacey Family with regards to the tornado that destroyed their home, click HERE for the gofundme page.

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