Are You A Moon?

Be A Moon

Do you like to star gaze? Sit outside on a hot summer night and look up to the stars, the moon, the heavens?  I do.  I love searching for shooting stars or when the moon is so bright how its reflection on the water lights up a shadowy lake.  I love how the moon can brighten up a sky when night falls.  I love how the moon is a source of light in our darken lives.  Are you a moon in someone’s life?

We all shine on… like the moon and the stars and the sun…we all shine on… come on, come on.  John Lennon

There is a song (which I love) by Chris Tomlin, Brett Young and Cassadee Pope called Be The Moon.  It talks about being the moon – someone who travels the world lighting up the dark.  If you shine your light on someone they will shine right back to you.  There may be cloudy days, but if you keep on shining your light in the dark, the light will shine back on you.  In other words, similar to my past blog on Be A Light, even in dark times, hard times, lonely times or struggles; be like the moon and keep shining.  The more you shine, the more that light will be reflected right back on you. 

Another way of looking at it is just learning to trust and have faith. The more trust and faith you have will automatically bring out any light you have onto others. Whether that is in dark times or light times, your light will shine through.  

Excerpt from the song ‘Be The Moon’:

I wanna be the moon, up among the stars
Fly around the world
Lighting up the dark at night
I'm nothing without the Son's amazing grace
On everything I do
If You're shining on me, I'm shining right back for You
I wanna be the moon
Lord, I wanna be the moon for You

I read a devotional the other day by Rick Warren called – A Faith that Works When Life Doesn’t Part 2 (there are a few series of his devotional on the Bible app).  He was saying that when there is dark or big scary shadows, there is always light. You can’t have a shadow without light.  Therefore, if you see a shadow, light is nearby.  If you feel you are in a dark time right now or in a ‘shadow’, just turn your back on that shadow and look to the light.  That light may be someone being a ‘moon’ in your life.  Or, you may be someone else’s ‘moon’ at another point in time.  Point in being, don’t turn your back on the moon or that someone shining their light.  You need light to survive and always try to be that light – that moon – shining in the dark.  You may just help or save a loved one who just can’t get out of the shadows.  

love rays

So I leave you with this, whether you are shining your light throughout the day or being a moon shining your light in the dark shadows – just never stop.  Your rays of love will touch someone within reach and bring them into your light.  

You are meant to shine – even in darkness .  Just like the moon can light up the sky you can light up the world one smile at a time.  

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