Finding Your Purpose

finding your purpose

Do you post selfies to your social media accounts?  Do you find yourself counting the number of ‘likes’ each post gets? Do you compare your selfie picture and its ‘likes’ quantity to your best friends post?  I know I have and if we are all honest with ourselves, we all have felt or done this.  

As moms and wives, it is so easy to get caught up with planning the perfect meal, being attentive to your husband, shuttling your children around from activity to activity…. that at the end of the day – your tank is empty. You are exhausted, short tempered and have nothing to give.  Again, I have been there.  

The two most important days in life are the day you are born and the day you find out why – Mark Twain

We all long for a purpose. A meaningful, fulfilled, endearing purpose.  But, what would that even look like?  Every one of us has a purpose lovingly placed in our hearts by God.  Some of us already know what that may be and others may still be trying to discover it.  

I will say though. Comparing yourself to your friend’s social media posts will not help you discover your purpose. If anything, doing so will decrease your God-given faith in who you are.  It will knock you down each and every time you wish you were more like Anne or Catherine.  

I have no step by step instruction on how to discover your purpose other than loving who you are.  If your heart is in the right place.  If you have a servant heart, willingly wanting to help others, cheerful, joyful and all around happy – you will find your purpose.  

Some ways I find that can help maintain a happy heart is starting my day with purposeful devotionals.  Some examples that I have read on the Bible App are:

These examples set my day on the right path each morning so I can go and lovingly help others.  You see, that is MY purpose – or rather, my gift.  Helping others, lifting their day, putting smile on someone elses face is something I love to do.  I have discovered that by doing so fills my heart up that the more I do it, the more at peace I am.  

finding your purpose

You see, your purpose does not have to be some hard core driven entrepreneur success story (although it may be that), it may also be as simple as how you acknowledge your neighbour each day.  How you lift the spirits of every costomer you encounter at your job.  How you create peace in your workplace.  Your purpose will be clear to you once you are at peace and love the beautiful, strong, courageous woman that you are.  Once you do that, you will be on top of the world shining your purposeful self onto everyone your encounter.  

So, start fresh and new tomorrow. Wake up early, grab a coffee and download the Bible App. Pick one of the mentioned devotionals or better yet, discover your own inspiration. There are countless studies, inspiring devotionals and topics you can choose from and I can promise you that you’ll see a change not only in your heart, but you’ll soon be discovering that God-given purpose packaged beautifully within your heart.

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