A Wordle Wake-Up

There is a new #trend going around. Wordle. Have you tried it?  It’s via The New York Times link and it is a word game that you have 5 chances to complete.  As you may or may not know… I love puzzles so when my son first told me about this (and confirmed by my daughter), I just knew I had to try.  It was a whole wordle wake-up for me.  

That’s what games are in the end.  Teachers.  Fun is just another word for learning – Raph Koster

Let me explain Wordle to you.  You have five chances to figure out the word of the day with a new word each day. It is a 5-letter word.  You enter a word and if there is a letter correct – in the correct spot – it will turn green. If it is yellow, that letter is within the word, but in a different spot.  You keep trying until you get the word – all lit up in green.  But!  You only have 5 chances.  You can get quite competitive with friends and family over it.  

“I got Wordle in 4”

“ I got it in 3”

“ I never got it at all!”

After watching a Steve Furtick YouTube sermon the other day, this got me thinking about 5-letter words.  He was tying in Wordle and the missing ‘piece’ vs ‘peace’.  However, it triggered a thought within me about 5-letter words and your ‘inner narrator’.  That voice within you that speaks to you. You know the one…. You’ve heard that voice many times.  

Side Note: My husband often jokes when he can tell I am in ‘deep thought’ – “What’s your narrator saying?” 

What do you hear? Affirmation? Or, do you hear judgment?  Do you voice positivity and faith to others, but inside you speak doubt?  Do you encourage your co-workers or friends, but in private do you speak strife? 

Each day, I wake up and choose to be positive. I choose to speak words of kindness, love and encouragement. I choose to lock those negative words away.  Not letting my mouth voice them.  You see, voicing words can either lead to feeling light or feeling heavy.  If you tend to speak words of positivity – you will feel light and clear. If you regularly speak strife – you will feel heavy or taxed.  

What you speak. What you say. What comes out of your mouth is all a choice.  

How Can I Change My Ways?

Below is a list of 5-letter words that are either positive or negative.  Read through them carefully.  If you find the LEFT Side connecting with you – you may have a heavy spirit.  If you find the RIGHT side connects with you – you may have a light spirit.  

5-Letter Words – HEAVY

  • Doubt
  • Judge
  • Power
  • Frown
  • Lying
  • Strife
  • Anger
  • Alone
  • Heavy

5-Letter Words – LIGHT

  • Faith
  • Adore
  • Helps
  • Smile
  • Spirit
  • Great
  • Peace
  • Loved
  • Light

How’d you do?  Are you light? Or heavy?  I will admit that there are days I struggle with the ‘light’ and may seem a tad bit ‘heavy’, but that’s the beauty of waking up each day.  You have a choice to start fresh and new.  Pick a new word each day to follow or strive to be like.  Some examples are:

  • Angel
  • Jesus
  • Bless
  • Heart
  • Smile
  • Peace
  • Shine
  • Loved
  • Happy
  • Great
  • Adore
  • Smart
  • Sweet

So really, you have 2 chances at Wordle each day.  The first is choosing which 5-letter word(s) you will follow or voice that day plus the actual puzzle. Today, I am choosing smile.  I will smile at everyone I encounter throughout my day to help lift their spirits and/or make their day.  Then… I will attempt to beat my kids and husband at the puzzle Wordle (between you and me.. if I beat them, I also smile).

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