Christmas Spirit

It’s that time of year again where we all sit down cozy on the couch and watch Christmas movies. I love this time of year and I just love watching the Christmas classics (I have to admit that I am also a sucker for the Hallmark movies).

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year – Charles Dickens

Some of my favourite Christmas movies include:
  • Christmas Vacation
  • Christmas With The Kranks
  • It’s A Wonderful Life
  • Home Alone
  • Preacher’s Wife
  • Christmas Chronicles
  • The Grinch Movie
I also love watching the Christmas cartoons. My children are all grown up now, but we still love watching them:
  • Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Frosty
  • Rudolph
  • T’was The Night Before Christmas
  • Polar Express
  • Beauty And The Beast Christmas
  • The Grinch cartoon

Sitting here today, as I am writing this, I am looking out my window – soft snowflakes falling from the sky, Christmas music playing and sipping my yummy coffee out of my Christmas mug. There is a song playing – Hallelujah by Carrie Underwood and John Legend – I have heard it before (it’s from her new album this year) but today… it brought tears to my eyes. My husband would say they are Holy Spirit tears signifying that my heart is in such a happy place that all that love and happiness just has to pour out of my soul.

Christmas spirit

He’s right. Do you ever have those moments? A moment where you are not sure why, but you are just overcome by emotion. A warm and fuzzy feeling that brings tears to your eyes and a smile upon your face. That is a Holy Spirit moment.

The Christmas season, for me anyhow, is filled with moments like that.  I can see a small child looking wide-eyed at Santa and it will remind me of my own children when they were young.  I see an older couple out for a walk and I think of my own parents, I hear a song like Hallelujah or Silent Night and my eyes fill with tears of joy.  

I think of the Grinch movie (or cartoon, both are played multiple times in our household each year) and how there is that moment where the Grinch isn’t sure what is happening.  He begins to feel all warm and fuzzy and his eyes fill up with love.  He realizes that his heart is growing – 3 sizes that day. 

I think of Christmas with the Kranks – there is a scene towards the end of the movie where Luther is standing in the middle of the street between the houses. Snow is falling and he sees all the happiness and joy through the window of his home and the happiness and joy from his neighbours home. It is a moment stopped in time. A moment where his heart is filled with Christmas Spirit.

I think of the song Hallelujah where they sing:

Let the world stand still, the church bells ring                                                     Silent night as the angels sing                                                                                               Hallelujah, Hallelujah                                                                                                         Let the magic warm the moonlit air                                                                                                                                              Hear the choirs join in singing everywhere                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hallelujah, Hallelujah

That verse depicts everything that Christmas is about – the peace, joy, and love that is everywhere. 

You see, whether it is one of the Christmas Classic movies, cartoons, or a song, each representation has a common theme. Peace. Love. Joy. There is the realization that it is not about the presents or the material aspect that some can get caught up in. It’s about the world standing still. The spirit of love filling your heart. It’s about family and loved ones. Togetherness and memories. God.

There will be lots of memories shared this year – it’s the first Christmas without my mom. Tradition was important to her and I will do my best to keep that going for her with baking her shortbread cookies (see previous blog) and cooking the best Christmas dinner like she always did. Maybe that’s what Christmas Spirit and Holy tears also are? Little bits of loved ones filling your heart at a time where you most need it. Well, my mom must be hovering over my heart constantly lately because the Holy Spirit tears are on a steady flow lol.

As you head into the Christmas season this year, try to be aware of these moments.  It’s in those moments where you will find the true meaning of Christmas and maybe, just maybe you’ll find Christmas means a little bit more. 

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