Trinity Of Life


Last year, I wrote a blog about An Oak Tree – which was representing my dad as he turned 80.  The blog (Click HERE to read) stimulated an idea – from my amazing Sister-In-Law – types of people in our lives.  It’s a ‘trinity of life’ sort of analogy and it fascinated me.

Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher… Oprah Winfrey

Having people in your life is important.  We were created to be social beings.  To help others and be surrounded by loved ones.  God created Eve so that Adam would not be alone.  We need others to survive.  


What type of people are actually within our lives?  I am happy to say that I have a great family and friend support system.  My immediate family – husband and children – are extremely close and that rolls into my extended family – my Dad, Brother, Sister-in-law(s) and Brother-in-law who are just as important and close in my day to day life.  My friends are near and far, but we all reach out regularly checking in with one another.  However, there has been (and even currently are) people within my life that have not been a stable root. 

But what about you? What type of friends do you have?

How are your relationships?  Are you the supportive type? Or do you come and go in friendships?

In reading the idea that my amazing sister-in-law sent me (a Tik Tok post by Xtian Mitra), I found great insight in seeing my relationships more clearly.  

Let’s have a look:

There are 3 types of people in your life

  • Leaf People
  • Branch People
  • Root People


Leaf People are those who come into your life for a season. You can’t really depend on them because they are weak.  They only come in for something that they may want, but seem to disappear if the wind comes in.  Be cautious with these types of people because they love you when things are OK, but when heaviness blows in – they will leave you. 

Branch People are strong, but again… some caution is necessary.  They may stay around throughout the seasons, but when a struggle occurs, they break – they can’t handle the extra weight.  


Root People are important people.  They are often hidden, unseen.  They don’t help you for the thankyou.  Their purpose is to be supportive, grounded, and hold you strong even during difficult times.  They will provide you nourishment and strength even if you waiver.  They will stay with you. 

What type of person are you?  

Depending on our relationships, we are often a mixture and have this trinity in life.  At work, you may be more of a leaf or a branch, but at home a root.  Maybe after reading this, you are discovering you are not even close to being a root.  If that is the case, maybe this will cause you to reflect on your characteristics and begin developing more of a root structure in your life.  

How to be more like a root?

  • Stop and listen – take the time to listen to your friends and loved ones.  
  • Have a giving heart – serve more – bake cookies or bread for your spouse.
  • Stay strong – don’t give up on your loved one during their struggles.  They need you.
  • Offer support – don’t tell others what to do, but rather be empathetic to their words.
  • Nourish your loved ones – build them up with encouraging texts and/or phone calls.

As you go about your day today – who are you going to be? 

A Leaf?

A Branch?

A Root?

As I reflect on my own characteristics, I believe I am a root for others – a great support system for those who need someone.  I don’t give up easily on others, try to offer words of encouragement when necessary and provide love through thick and thin.  

Sidenote:  Maybe this is why I love root vegetables….carrots, potatoes, beets, turnip, and sweet potatoes.  Maybe my nutritional input is feeding my soul.  Obviously this is not true, but it does provide me with a giggle.  

My hope for you is that you will be the best root you can be. As you develop more into that strong root – you will attract more root relationships.  You will be the strength of an oak tree that your loved ones can lean on – always there – always supportive – always strong.  

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