Your Cup

your cup drained or full

Do you have an imaginary cup?  You know…. The cup that is either full, empty, or somewhere in between?  I certainly have a cup and oftentimes, I don’t realize it is empty until it’s too late.  How full is your cup?

Life is a cup to be filled… not drained… anonymous

There is an old saying that states “Hang out with others who fill your cup, not drain it”.  This is certainly true.  I have a friend who had another acquaintance that was knocking her down emotionally– emptying her cup – on a weekly basis.  Ideas would be brought forth, accomplishments shared, or even exciting news detailed and the response was usually down played or squished.  Over time, my friend began to lesser her time with this acquaintance – physically and emotionally – and her cup began to refill.  Since this was only an acquaintance, it was easy to begin to limit her time with this person, but oftentimes, when it is family or a friend, it can be difficult to manage.  

Your empty cup can also be due to taking on too much.  This is definitely me.  I will create a ‘to-do’ list and by the end of the day – the list is enormous due to the many additions being added on throughout the day.  I tend to not delegate, do it all myself, and put unrealistic goals onto myself.  Over the course of the day, my cup just keeps getting smaller and smaller to the point where I have nothing more in it and I lash out at a family member.  There was nothing in my day to ‘fill’ my cup and refresh what I have lost.  No time taken for myself or no ‘refresher’ breaks.  What would that even look like to become refreshed?

How Do I Refresh My Cup?

  • Set realistic goals and/or To-Do lists – if you complete your tasks, don’t keep adding to your list.  Reward yourself by doing something fun.  Enjoy a walk, go to the gym, surprise your spouse with a fancy dinner or plan a date-night.
  • Delegate Tasks – if you are able to and/or have able willing friends, family or co-workers, delegate some of those tasks to easy your plate.  
  • Begin spending time with caring friends.  People who uplift you. Support you.  Don’t judge you.  You should feel rejuvenated each time you are around friends or acquaintances, not drained.
  • Limit exposure to cup-draining people.  This may mean changing your lunch hour time so you aren’t meeting up with those gossiping co-workers or even joining some new groups to meet new friends to expand your circle.  
  • Begin your day with an uplifting devotional to start your day with joy, love and strength.  This will provide you with a full cup right from the start and the necessary tools that you will need to go about your day to serve others.  

Side Note: Here is a great devotional by Joyce Meyer – How to live a joyful life.  

Above are just a few examples on how to refill your cup.  Overtime, you will learn how to manage those cup-drainers and appreciate those cup-fillers.  Remember, your friends, acquaintances, and family members are supposed to uplift you. Encourage you.  Support you.  Anyone telling you otherwise may just not be a great fit for your life. You may need to revise who is important enough to be a part of your life and who is important enough to share your life with.  

Side Note: Everyone goes through seasons – ups and downs – good days and bad days. Your positivity and caring heart may be the cup-filler that your friend, aquaintance or loved one needs.

Be mindful of your day – your acquaintances, your friends and your loved ones – as well as your goals for the day.  Being overwhelmed and draining your own cup is often self-inflicted.  For myself, I’m still a work in progress with learning to delegate and allowing others to help me. But!  When I do… I am a much happier person and since my cup remains full and intact, I have more of myself to serve others.  


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