Wait Is A 4-Letter Word


You are probably thinking – What?  Wait is not one of those dreaded 4 letter words that we aren’t supposed to say. Those are swear words – inappropriate words – unkind words.  Well, to some, wait is indeed a 4-letter word.  Harsh, dreaded, or even unbearable, but maybe it doesn’t have to be. 

Patience is not simply the ability to wait, it’s how we behave while we are waiting… Joyce Meyer

I just finished reading a devotional called Wait Is A Four Letter Word.  A great devotional to read if you are looking for one. So, as you can guess, it is the concept for this weeks blog.  It was just too good not to share.

Have you ever had those moments where everything is going great. Your job is good. Your kids are behaving.  All of your prayers seem to be answered… until you want something.  We then turn to God – and ask Him.   But.. it seems it doesn’t get answered [or at least it seems that way].  He doesn’t say no, but He doesn’t say yes either… He just lets you wait.


What does that mean?  To wait?  You may ask yourself – “Doesn’t God realize that I need an answer now?  That I really need this? “ Yes, God knows.  He hears you.  You may not know what or when He will answer or even how long you will have to wait, but know that He cares. 

While we wait, we may be tempted to torment ourselves – asking Why? Or how long?  Instead, ask yourself – How will I wait?  Who will I become along the way?  Choosing these latter options will then identify the traps that we tend to fall into.  

Common Traps We Fall Into While Waiting:

  • Bitterness – Why is this happening to me?
  • Doubt – Will I ever get out of this?  Do they even love me?
  • Manipulation – If God won’t fix this, then I will.

Or even:

  • I can’t be happy unless…
  • I can’t be productive until…
  • I won’t come out of hiding unless..

We may be sad, frustrated or even mad during our waiting times, but God will bring the joy back and make you stronger.  Waiting seasons can be hard.  They can be no fun at all, but they can provide opportunities.  We can’t put our life on pause.  We can’t hide until the wait is over.  We have to live through the wait.

Waiting will make us: 

Become stronger

Become patient

Become our best self

Waiting is not time wasted.  It is time repurposed.  We get to do things we would never have gotten to do.  We get to help others or focus on other priorities.  Live selflessly instead of selfishly. We were made to give so use this time to serve others.  It may just boost your mood, provide some joy or a little spark of happiness.  Give what you have while you wait for what you want.  

love others

You may struggle during the wait, but the struggle will become a story to tell.  You may find it hard to climb those mountains or walk through those dark valleys of doubt, but your journey may help another one day.  Enjoying the life you have and being grateful for your blessings while you pray for the life you want can and will provide you with peace, joy and love. 

Sharing your struggles with friends or family can open yourself up to receiving love.  You will find out how much you are loved and cared for.  You will find out how others can help you.  You will be supported during the wait.  

Sharing your struggles with friends or family can provide a purpose to help others.  Maybe someone else is struggling with the same problem.  Your story may provide peace or comfort to a loved one. Your struggle – your loss – your unanswered prayer may be of use for someone else.  

So, as you wait.  Patiently, peacefully, prayerfully and joyfully.  Remember that the wait is not one of those bad 4 letter words.  God is using the waiting time for good.  Whether that is to build your character, help someone else, or simply it is just not the right time yet – it is always for good.  It is always for hope.  It is always for the best.  It is always for love.


Those are all 4-letter words in which strive to make you better.  The wait is for good.  

If you are struggling during the wait and just need someone to listen, click the link below.  I’m always here with love.  


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