Travelling After Covid

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I love to travel. I love to see new places – cities, countries, exotic locations and adventures. However, these past few years have made that quite difficult for some.  Now that the world is blossoming again I thought it would be a great idea to let you in to some great tips for travelling after covid.

Travitude:   (Trav-i-tude) noun (n): When you missing travelling so much you become sassy and grumpy. Travitude may be alleviated by planning the next adventure.

Every at-home country – with its politics and health advisors – is different. Different set of covid (CV) rules for travelling on planes, trains, buses or crossing any type of international borders.  I can only speak for Canada (since that is my at-home country).  

Last winter, when travel started to open up more freely for us Canadians, my husband and I jumped at the chance to head south.  We were so excited about feeling the sand beneath our feet and hearing the ocean waves crashing against the white beaches.  However, we were a bit nervous too since we were unsure about the steps our country was demanding we do prior to embarking our vacation and prior to returning home.  We did a little research online, as well as spoke to other acquaintances who were also travelling, we found what we needed to know and we are ready.  

The much needed vacation went seamlessly.  No glitches. No hiccups.  No delays.  Aside from a few nervous flustered moments on myself… we had an amazing vacation.

The trip was so amazing that this summer, we decided (last minute) to take a family vacation to Northern Ireland (stay-tuned for upcoming blogs).  At the time of booking, we were unsure what the Fall would entail with regards to travel so we decided to go while travel was somewhat back to Pre-CV times.  With 4 of us travelling – we followed the same steps as my husband and I did for our winter vacation and again… our vacation went seamlessly.  No glitches. No hiccups. No delays.  A family vacation we will remember for a life time.

What are those tips you are probably asking? 

I know. I know.  I apologize.  I can get side-tracked when it comes to travel.  It’s my ADD (Adventure Destination Distraction).  I can get so side-tracked researching, talking about, and explaining any kind of travel topic.  

Travelling After Covid Tips:

  • Bring copies of your itinerary – hotels info, flight info, excursion info
  • Download the ArriveCan App and complete the initial set-up prior to your vacation departure
  • Bring copies of your passport and vaccine status. Have them on hand for quick access
  • Extra Insurance – this is a personal choice. Some credit cards have extra travel insurance built in. For our winter vacation, we did take out the Covid Insurance since we were unsure what would happy if we tested positive prior to returning home (testing was still a thing then). For Northern Ireland, we did not.
  • Purchase a priorty boarding package if possible. For example: Air Transat as Option Plus. This allows for baggage to be checked (if you want that feature – we checked our winter holiday bags and they were tagged priorty which meant when we arrived at our destination, the bags were the first ones off the plane), includes seats (you can still upgrade your seats even more if you wish), and gets you on the plane within the first couple boarding groups (this was a huge benefit for Northern Irleand since we travelled with only carry-on luggage. We were on the plane first and able to get all 4 of our carry-on luggage in the above compartments which any difficulties)
  • Screen shot all of your ArriveCan steps. Create a folder in your ‘photos’ app (on your phone) so it is handy if you are required to present any of them at the airport.
  • Arrive a bit earlier to the airport than you used to. Media has reported airports to be so disorganized and backed up. This will save you any static if there were actual delays.
  • Relax – breathe – enjoy the journey

There you have it.  An updated ‘travelling after covid’ look at what has been 2 amazing vacations.  Our experience on both vacations had been excellent.  If you were or are thinking about travelling somewhere in the near future, but were unsure on the steps or how difficult it would be – I hope this may have eased some of your worries.   Your next step now is to find that perfect get-a-away you have been dreaming of and book it.  

Side note:  When we travelled to Northern Ireland. We had zero delays at any airport.  We started off in Montreal and we were inside – through security – and to our gate all in less than 40 minutes.  When we arrived at Pearson Airport in Toronto (where the Media has definitely displayed massive chaos), we were off the plane and to our gate within minutes.  Upon arrival on our return home.  We got to Toronto first.  We were through customs/security and to our gate for Montreal within 30 minutes and once we arrived at the Montreal airport – again – smooth sailing off the plane and to our car.  Please do not believe everything you see or hear from the media. They are known to present fear or ‘scary’ clips over everyday run of the mill routines.  I am sure there have been times of lengthy line-ups and baggage delays or even lost luggage, but in my experience – there was none seen.  

If you have any further questions with regards to my recent travels or if I did not cover something you were hoping I would, please click the button below and please ask me.  I’d be more than happy to respond and answer anything.  

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If you’d like to read about our winter vacation – CLICK HERE.  We went to the Iberostar Grand Bavaro.  A ‘grand’ vacation perfect for any couple.  Stay tuned for some future blogs on Northern Ireland as well, but if you are thinking of Ireland, have a look at a pre covid vacation to  Ireland.  10-Day Ireland Vacation, A Castle Fit for a Princess.  

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