Time To Conquer

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How active are you? Have you increased your fitness over the past 2 years? Or decreased?  Is your go-to the gym? Or do you like to run or walk outside?  Either way, now is the time to conquer your fitness goals.

Fitness isn’t about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be… anonymous

A while back, my husband discovered online marathon challenges.  After seeing him complete a couple (and receive quite an amazing medal in the mail), I decided to give it a try.  He told me about the Conqueror App.  You can pick and choose from any type of marathon around the world.  They vary in distances – like the Golden Triangle at 766 km, Mount Everest (which is what my husband completed) at 64.2 km, and the English Channel (which is what I just completed) at 33.8 km for example.  They are super easy to choose from. Click, sign up, set your completion goal (No… you do not have to complete all at once. You track your fitness within a time frame), and start.  You will then receive an email with your Bib number and a link to download the app so you can easily upload your fitness activities and watch your progress.  

conquerer app

You can do a variety of fitness activities – not just running – to post a distance towards your completion.

Activity Examples:

  • Steps
  • Running – outdoor
  • Running – indoor
  • Walking – outdoor
  • Walking – indoor
  • Cycling – outdoor
  • Cyclining – indoor
  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Elliptical
  • Skiing
  • Other (which you can include your HIIT workouts. Example: If you did a weight/HIIT workout for 20 minutes, you calculate your time by x 0.2. A 20-minute HIIT would be 4 km).  

When you join a challenge with the Conqueror app, you have an option, at certain milestones, to help the environment.  You can choose from stopping plastic bottles from going into the ocean or you can have trees planted. With my English Channel Challenge, I chose the bottles. At each 20% milestone, 10 plastic bottles are saved from entering the ocean.  By the time I completed the challenge, I had stopped 50 bottles from entering the ocean. 

conquerer app

Also along the way, you will receive ‘post-cards’ from the location you are competing in.  Since I was completing the English Channel, I received post-cards from England which pictures or snapshots of where I was along my route/course.  It comes with a little writeup regarding the area as well so you can learn about that particular area.  

Within the app, you can see if you are on track, ahead or behind your goal.    There are settings to view any notifications you may have missed in your email inbox, view your profile which includes present and past challenges – this also includes a collaborative distance count to date combining all challenges.  A great way to track your overall fitness.  Your activity log is also within your profile and you can sign up for future challenges with ease all within the menu.   If you want to complete a challenge with a friend (and they don’t’ have to live where you live since it is virtual), you can refer a friend right within the app as well.  A great way to stay motivated and encourage each other.  

When you have completed the challenge, you can then look forward to receiving a fantastic medal in the mail.  Below is my English Channel Challenge Metal Status notifiction as well as my actual medal that I received in the mail.  

conqueror challenge

Have I signed up for another challenge? Yes, indeed I have.  Road to Hana (a Hawaiian challenge).  I have to admit… I chose this one because the medal is pretty.  I am currently at 80% completion of this current challenge, so I will be excited to receive a new medal soon.  

I’d love to hear if you signed up for a Conqueror Challenge.  And if so, which challenge did you choose and why?  Click the “Your Challenge” button below and send me your answer.  Good luck.  

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