The Shamrock

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In 2 days it is St Patrick’s Day.  Did you know that St Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish Christian converts?  The leaves symbolize the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit and are said to represent faith, hope and love.  The shamrock is extra special to me because – not only does it represent St Patrick’s Day (on March 17) – but it’s meaning and symbolism represent my one and only shamrock – my husband.

You’re the four leaf clover… Rare to find, but lucky to have… Anonymous

St Patrick’s Day is a couple days away and I’m sure you have spotted shamrocks decorating store fronts and homes all around.  I love shamrocks – or the more common name… clovers.  I remember as a child searching the lawn to find that lucky 4-leafed clover.  Although I never found one.  After reading the meaning of the shamrock, they mean so much more now.  

Faith Hope Love

These 3 words are certainly words to live by.  Having faith in something bigger, having hope for the future and having a loving heart to share with others are 3 of the most important traits/characteristics you could endure. 

These 3 traits are what I try to live by each day and are also what makes the core of my one and only shamrock… my husband.  What makes it extra special is that St Patrick’s Day is also my husband’s birthday.  This year is extra special because it also represents the Golden Year for him.  Yes… like myself… he has now taken 50 trips around the sun.  

st patrick's chair
My Husband sitting on St Patrick’s Chair in Ireland (surrounded by millions of clovers/shamrocks). Click HERE to read more about St Patrick’s Chair and Well.

Some interesting facts about the Shamrock:

  • It is considered the national plant of Ireland.
  • It is taken from the Irish word ‘seamrog’ meaning little or young clover.
  • St Patrick is said to have used the shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity  – father son and holy spirit when he first began to convert the Irish to Christianity.  
  • It was traditionally used for medicinal reasons – boiled and mixed with pork fat to treat inflammation of the joints.
  • The President of the United States is always presented with a bowl of shamrocks on St Patrick’s day.  The tradition began in 1952 when a box of shamrocks was brought to the White House by the Irish Ambassador John Joseph Hearne – as a gift to President Harry Truman – who was not home to receive it.  The shamrock was left with a member of the President’s staff.  It is now an official ceremony that takes place every year. 
  • When a wave of Irish immigrants came to the US in the 18th century, there were no shamrocks growing in New York or Boston, so they celebrated their heritage with the colour green and images of the shamrock.

If you read into the above list, you will find the trinity of Faith Hope and Love within those facts.  The Irish had faith in their beloved shamrock linking them to God.  They had hope in the possibility of healing joint inflammation and they had love in bringing their traditions to the ‘new world’ and sharing it with others.  

Faith Hope and Love – as mentioned previously – are also important traits of my incredible husband.  We are so blessed to have such a strong, courageous, faithful, hopeful, loving husband, dad, brother son, and son-in-law amongst us.  

Since my amazing husband is turning 50, Here are 50 Amazing Qualities And/Or Ways He Shows His Love Each and Every Day!

  1. He is a servant of God – helping others daily
  2. He uplifts anyone who comes in contact with him
  3. He is gorgeous
  4. He is funny
  5. He is a gift piano player
  6. He is incredibly smart
  7. He is extremely fit
  8. He will drop everything to help out his family
  9. He is patient
  10. He is faithful
  11. He is talented at building anything out of wood
  12. He is meticulous at tasks
  13. He can make his sister laugh hard
  14. He is adventurous
  15. He brings me coffee (or tea) in the morning
  16. He makes lunches (or any meal actually) look so pretty
  17. He is sensitive
  18. He isn’t afraid to ask for help
  19. He will help a neighbour in need
  20. He will find the answer if he doesn’t know it off hand
  21. He can sing so sweetly
  22. He loves to meet new people
  23. He is extremely gifted at speaking/communicating
  24. He makes me feel like a princess daily
  25. He is loyal
  26. He is a great friend
  27. He is fun
  28. He is trustworthy
  29. He is an excellent leader
  30. He appreciates others
  31. He is driven and goes after his dreams
  32. He is rightous
  33. He is respectful
  34. He loves God
  35. He is kindhearted
  36. He is not a proud or arrogant person
  37. He is extremely supportive
  38. He is an amazing dad
  39. He is accountable
  40. He is a great listener
  41. He will do the chores I dislike
  42. He is grateful
  43. He is perfect in every way
  44. He is spontaneous
  45. He has a gift at encouraging
  46. He has a gorgeous smile
  47. He is inspiring
  48. He is a dreamer
  49. He is a great teacher
  50. He is the centre-piece of our family

I could go on and on with amazing qualities, stories, and characteristics of my birthday leprechaun as the list is forever unending with the amount of love I have in my heart for this special man.  

So, my dear lucky Shamrock, as you go about your day today, I have Faith that your day will be filled with joy and laughter. I Hope that you feel appreciated and special and I have no doubt that Love will be poured into your heart from your family and friends (and maybe even some strangers along the way).  Happy birthday to you, my amazing husband and best friend.  As stated in a previous blog, 50 is not only the golden year, but it’s about new beginnings and I’m so excited to experience the next leg in our lives together creating new adventures and loving life as one.  

happy birthday

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