Reasons Canadians Should Be Proud


Happy Canada Day.  July 1 is Canada’s 154th birthday.  With the nearing of this holiday, it got me thinking of reasons why Canadian’s should be proud.

I am not a worldly traveler, but I have travelled a small bit.  We lived a short time just outside Chicago for my husband’s schooling, we have travelled to various tropical destinations (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, and Bahamas), and we have been to various States (New York, Illinois, Michigan, New Hampshire, Vermont, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and Florida.  Within Canada – (we live in Ontario) – we have seen Toronto, Ottawa and various beautiful small towns. We have also ventured to the East Coast – Newfoundland, the West Coast –  British Columbia, as well as Quebec.  One of our biggest travels thus far was Ireland where the history there makes Canada seem so young.  

Having travelled even that little makes me appreciate Canada and what it has to offer.  We live in such a beautiful country with friendly patrons across the map. If you travel abroad and mention you are from Canada, most times, you are greeted with ease and generosity.  

Reading up on Canada, its history and its many magnificent places, it made me think of the many reasons Canadians should be proud of their heritage and country.

Top 20 Reasons Canadians Should Be Proud:

  1. Hockey – it was invented in Montreal, Quebec in 1875
  2. Basketball – it was invented in Almonte, Ontario in 1891 by James Naismith
  3. Tim Hortons
  4. Coloured Money
  5. CN Tower – The tallest structure in the western hemisphere
  6. Ketchup Chips – not sold in the USA and was invented in the 1970’s
  7. Crispy Crunch and Coffee Crisp chocolate bars – also not sold in the USA
  8. Mr Dress-up
  9. Ski-Doo’s, jet skis, zippers, and insulin were all invented in Canada
  10. Poutine
  11. The walkie talkie was invented for military use in 1942
  12. Canadarm for the SPAR Aerospace was invented in 1981 (my husband’s uncle had a hand in this)
  13. Snowblower was invented in 1927
  14. Trivia Pursuit was invented in 1979
  15. Easy-Off oven cleaner was invented in Regina in 1932
  16. Egg cartons were invented in British Columbia in 1911
  17. Robertson Screw Driver was invented by P. Robertson in 1908
  18. Butter Tarts
  19. Superman and Winnie the Pooh both have Canadian connections
  20. The telephone was created in Canada by Alexander Graham Bell

And if we Canadians shouldn’t be proud enough just by that list, Canada has plenty of unique and interesting places to see and do as well.

Top 10 Unique Canadian Tourist Must See or Do:

  1. Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park – Alberta: The park is spread across the Prairies and its stone drawings can be dated back to almost 3000 years ago.  
  2. St Pierre and Miquelon, Newfoundland:  If you want to explore Canada, but have a European feel, this is your place.  It is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and consists of several islands.  They consist of islands and are actually a French Territory in Canada. They are filled with French cuisine, boutiques and culture that blends European customs with North Atlantic living.
  3. Bonnechere Caves in Ontario:  These unique limestone caves were formed almost 450 000 years ago.
  4. Churchill Manitoba – Polar Bear capital of the world.  
  5. Cottage Gas Station – Ottawa:  Constructed in 1934, it was Ottawa’s first drive-in gas station. It was once owned and operated by Charles-Emile Trudeau – Grandfather of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
  6. The spotted lake – British Columbia – A sacred lake composed of over 300 separate pools of highly concentrated minerals.
  7. Moncton Magnetic Hill – A mysterious spot where the law of gravity does not apply.
  8. World’s largest Axe –  Nackawic, New Brunswick. It houses the largest axe on the planet and contains a time capsule.  
  9. Zavikon Island – Ontario: The world’s shortest international bridge connects this homeowner in Ontario to his backyard in New York USA.  
  10. Niagara Falls Floral Clock:  An impressive working clock made of 16000 plants.
Smallest international bridge
Zavikon Island – The World’s Shortest International Bridge.

Canada offers many more unique and magnificent places to see and do – these 10 are just a teaser at some of the possibilities.  For me personally, I have only seen 3 on this list so I guess I will be adding the rest to my Bucket List of things to see and do.  

As you go about your celebrations on this Canada Day, think about the unique places within Canada you have visited or experienced.  Is there a place that stands out?  If so, please share. I’d love to learn more about the unique adventure that you are proud to be a Canadian for.  


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