Are You On ‘E’?

are you on empty

Do you ever have those moments where at the end of the day you have nothing left?  You literally fall into bed and collapse for the night?  I know I have.  I also know that I often get to the point in a week where I am like the Energizer Bunny – going going going and never stopping.  Then, I either have a meltdown or I blow up at someone in my family. Either way, it is a sign that I am on ‘E’.  My bucket has been drained.  

Just because we don’t know the way doesn’t mean that there is no way – Joyce Meyer

Over the years, I have found that when I become near the state of empty, I am either trying to control my surroundings or I am taking on too much.  Either way, it’s not good.  I have a hard time delegating.  I often try to be Super Mom/Wife and not only manage a business, but also prepare all of our delicious meals, prep for cottage fun, clean and run any necessary errands.  Sound familiar?  Is this you?

I often hear my darling husband ask what he can do to help? Or I see he has added onto his ‘To Do List’ a few chores, but I tend to take those over on him.  I know he already works hard and has his own list of household and business chores to do so adding onto his plate also adds guilt onto mine.  (Although he would point blankly state that taking something off of my plate brings him great joy and taking that away robs him of that).

I also hear my children ask what they can do, but way too often I tell them nothing.  Don’t get me wrong, they have their regular ‘chores’ to do, but their helping nature is always asking for more.  It is my stubborn way that says no and again… robbing them of the joy of helping.

are you on empty

So, how do we go from empty to full? Or even half way?  

Begin to let go.  Ask for help.  Start delegating chores.  Eliminate the control.  You may find that another family member has a better and easier way in doing a specific chore.  You may find that although it is done differently, it’s better.  You may find you have more energy at the end of the day. You may find you are more kind.  You may find you have more to give.  You WILL find you are less stressed and your bucket is full.  

A tangent off of this is that if your bucket is full  – you are not on ’E’ anymore. This in turn will allow you to encourage others more.  You will have more to give and have more love in your heart for others.  When we are on ‘E’ – drained, stressed and controlling; we put a lid on our bucket of helping and encouraging others.  You shut that down and lock it away.  However, when we give, even in our emotional emptiness, God fills us back up (Luke 6:38).

Ways To Get Out Of ‘E’ and Fill Your Bucket

  • Realistically look at your list and condense
  • Delegate items (if necessary) to ease your day or in order to complete the tasks if there is a deadline
  • Ask for help
  • If no time to bake or cook, then purchase items (for example I often run out of time to make multiple salads for the cottage if other events have popped up during the week therefore, I purchase a few from our local deli)
  • Meal plan at the start of the week
  • Use a planner to plan out your day/week. You’ll be surprise at how much free time you actually have
  • Laugh (remember to laugh about your shortcomings. Laughter will ease up any stress you may be experiencing)
  • You have nothing to prove.  Serving your family or guests a dessert which has been purchased over a home made one is not a failure. It is a bucket enhancer (if it eased your day in any way)

Key Word:  Bucket ENHANCER

So today is your day to eliminate the bad ‘E’ – empty – and begin your day with the good ‘E’ – enhancer.  Make a change and make today all about how you will enhance your bucket and not let it get to empty.  Will you have some slip-ups or moments of stress and control? Certainly.  I do.  I just did. My son recently turned 18 and during that whole week, I was frantically trying to make his day perfect along with my regular daily routine of work, meals and chores.  By the end of the week, I could feel my stress had increased and I know I missed out of some calm and peaceful moments.  You will still encounter those moments from time to time, but it’s in recognizing those moments that you will grow and learn.  You will slowly have a bucket more full than empty.  You will have more to give and be the amazing person God created you to be.  

Need help with weekly planning?  Click here and just ask. I am hear for you.  


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