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Have you ever come across a local get-away that once you are there, it seems like you are far, far away?  For us, that is Nordik Spa in Quebec.  Situated only about 20-minutes from Canada’s capital and once you step on the grounds, you will feel like you are at some European mountainside. An exquisite nordik spa sensory experience. An experience you must try!

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We have known about the Nordik Spa for years and each year, my husband and I tend to experience this fabulous establishment at least once, but oftentimes we treat ourselves twice.  Spending the entire day there leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed, connected, and calm.  

The Thermal Experience:

The establishment consists of an entire experience – a thermal experience.  It is a 3-step cycle of using hot and cold then a rest period – a relaxation ritual based on a 2000-year-old tradition founded in Nordic countries.  There are numerous benefits, but it mainly contributes to your physical and mental well-being.

Throughout the property you will find different pools of varying temperatures, as well as sauna’s, steam rooms, Aufguss rituals, meditation rooms and buildings, fire pits, quiet areas and talking areas, secluded chairs and hammocks for those needed remote times and even a special indoor weightlessness pool – The Kalla Treatment.  Also available are a variety of massage and body care options. 

Kalla Treatment:

A large saltwater floatation pool dug 5 meters deep into the rock containing 10 tons of Epsom salts and is the second floating pool of its kind in the world.  A similar experience to floating in the Dead Sea in the complete peacefulness of a quiet underground atmosphere.  This treatment encourages restorative sleep, accelerates wound healing, stimulates creativity, reduces stress, releases tension, and reduces inflammation.  The Kalla treatment is a truly relaxing addition to the thermal experience.

Please Note: This treatment is an additional cost to the regular Thermal Experience


The Aufguss Ritual is a German ritual designed to maximize the benefits of thermotherapy throught an intensified thermal cycle.  The ritual heightens the effects of traditional vaporization techniques by using water enriched with natural essential oils.  When water and snow are poured onto the heated rocks of a sauna, a burst of vapour is released.  There are multiple ritual saunas available throughout the Nordik Experience.  The sound of the gong will alert you that a ritual awaits.  


You can also enjoy a great lunch and specialty drinks throughout your stay.  Our favourite is the taco hut  –  Biergarden and Shack by the panorama pool with a nice glass of wine.  

Other eating establishments on the property include:

  • Resto – an intimate elevated dining
  • Panorama Lounge 
  • Mezz Café


We have never stayed overnight at Nordik, however, they do provide cottage rentals for up to 10 people.  

What Would An Average Visit Look like?

A common day for my husband and I would look like this:

  • Arrive and check-in
  • Change into our bathing suits and wrap ourselves up in the provided soft robes
  • Dip into a warm/hot pool
  • We would then begin to alternate between the cool/cold/warm/hot options of pools, saunas and steam rooms and possibly experiencing one of their rituals
  • After a while, we would head over to the far end of the property where the Taco hut is located and order lunch while eating around their relaxing panoramic pool.
  • By midafternoon, we would then check in for our couple’s massage.

Sidenote:  Arrival time and massages must be booked prior and can be done online or over the phone. 

Nordik Spa is a fantastic get-a-way.  It’s location to Ottawa (only roughly 20 min) and to Chelsea Quebec (10 min) makes it a perfect day trip or weekend get-away.  

Other close by activities (if you were to make it a weekend) would include:

  • Gatineau Park
  • Chelsea Quebec
  • Casino du Lac-Leamy
  • Parliament Hill
  • National Art Centre (NAC)
  • Mont Tremblant
  • Rideau Centre
  • Chateau Laurier

The above are just a few extra ideas to possibly include in your weekend get-a-way to Nordik Spa.  If you are heading for just the day, you simply cannot go wrong with relaxing and reconnecting with your spouse or loved one or even a girl’s day or bridal weekend.  

Nordik Spa is a place we will continue to return to year after year.  Not only is it a peaceful, relaxing experience, but it is also a great way to spend a romantic loving date day with your loved one.  It is a favourite of ours for sure!

To see a glimpse at what the Nordik Spa Experience entails, click the link below.

nordik spa

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