Killing The Lions

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How courageous are you?  Do you try new things?  Are you afraid to start a new job or school?  Do you meet new friends easily?  Fear is the number one reason people give up.  Everyone requires and needs courage.  Over your lifetime, you will have numerous ‘lions’ to slay – fear, despair, entitlement, or worry.  You are either going to have to be killing lions to pursue your dreams or those lions will eat you up and your future.  

Courage, perseverance, cunning – that’s how you kill lions.  Live that and you’ll have a story worth telling – John Eldredge

I have to admit… I give in to fear A LOT.  Well, maybe not a lot but often.  As stated in a previous blog outlining my new YouTube adventure in travel vlogging – it took me years to actually take the first step. And now that I have it really isn’t all that scary.  I can also give into fear when a new idea is presented to me.  I have to think about it for a bit first before it actually sits in and I can realize that it would be awesome.  Doing that though – I have missed out on many things – if I may be honest.  

What is going through my head when a new idea comes to mind or is presented to me?

  • What if it doesn’t work?
  • What if it takes off and I am not ready for that?
  • What if it is expensive?
  • What if I get sick?
  • What if I fail?
  • What if I forget something?

What do you notice in all of those questions?  Each statement begins with ‘What if’  A great big lion standing in front of your dreams and goals.  Living by what if’s is no way to create or live your story.  You have a story within you worth telling – so get killing those lions and begin.  

My husband is great at just going after his dreams. He just shoots and begins.  His story is made up of so many adventurous chapters – from treacherous mountain climbing to floating down calm streams listening to nature.  Each chapter of his story – one can be captivated by hanging on to every step or even learning from to help reach the next chapter in life. 

I strive to be that.  I strive to create each chapter of my life to be exciting, captivating, alluring, adventurous, and even suspenseful.  I want our children to look back on the chapters of my life and not only be captivated, but also learn from me, laugh with me, and live each of the moments with me.  

chapter of life,

If I allow fear to be the lead character in each of my chapters, then my story will only become a safe, easy to read, leaflet of semi useful moments.  

Is that how you want your story to be?  Do you want a leaflet? Or a novel?

I want the novel.  I want to slay each of those stopping points – kill those lions standing in my way.  To live the life God created me to be.  Fearless. 

Too many people today play it safe.  I want to see others taking a chance on life.  I want to see my children going after their dreams.  I want to be an inspiration for not only my children, but for my husband as well.  

So, are you going to be a ‘what if’ kind of person?  Creating a leaflet to present to the world? Or, are you going to kill those lions standing in your way of each dream and goal you have in your heart?

Sidenote: Those dreams on your heart – they come from God.  Each time they just ‘pop’ into your brain – it isn’t by accident. That is God telling you to go do it!  Go try it! Go big!  

Starting today – this second full week of 2023 – I challenge you to begin a new chapter in your story.  One that is adventurous and thrilling.  Be courageous, persevere on life and laugh a lot while doing it.  Your story will then be so captivating to others that they will be wanting more.  

If you have dreams on your heart, but are scared to try and just need a bit of encouraging to begin – click below. I am here to help in any way that will provide the courage to slay those lions and step into that next chapter.   


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