Don’t Have To Shine To Be Gold


Well, Kelsea Ballerini has gone and done it again… another great song in which I write about.  What I Have is one of my new favourites.  Have you heard it?  It has a great message – one that should hit the core of each and every person.  

Remember… you are seen, you are valuable, you are loved…Lysa Terkeust

The song is about being happy with what you have – as well as – being happy with who you are.  In today’s world – comparison, jealously, envy, lust, and self-doubt are huge in people – especially women. Social media is horrible for portraying women as a cookie cutter image – almost model like – pushing products to improve your image, your waist line or your hair.  Websites infiltrate your newsfeed with new and better shoes to buy or cars or houses.  Before long, a lot of females begin to doubt who they are.  Begin to compare themselves to celebrities or even their neighbours.  They may begin to believe they don’t shine or sparkle like gold.  They actually believe that they aren’t gold at all.  

Well, you don’t have to shine to be gold – as sung by Kelsea…

Women today need to know (and be reminded) that they are gold.  When I first heard the song, I was confused by that line – you don’t have to shine to be gold.  I thought “ You do shine”.  But, after really listening to the words and the message, I now understand the meaning. 

You are gold whether you shine or not.  You are worth something.  You are precious.  You are valuable.  

These are the traits that women need to hear today.  

These are the traits that social media needs to let go viral. Below are the lyrics to this great song. You can also click HERE to

My neighbor's grass is the hit of the street
But that don't mean mine ain't just as green
I've been comparing shiny new toys
It's just the root of the thief of my joy
I know, that's just the pony show

'Cause I got a roof over my head
I got a warm body in bed
I'm doing alright right where I'm at
With what I have

I bought the shoes where the bottom is red
But who the hell am I tryin' to impress?
When you sit back, that's when you notice
The Joneses can't even keep up with the Joneses
I know, don't gotta shine to be gold

'Cause I got a roof over my head
I got a warm body in bed
I'm doing alright right where I'm at
With what I have

I got a Jeep, I got a dog
I got what they call a dream job
Plenty to want, nothing wrong with that
But I'm happy with what I have
Mm, ooh

I got the air, good eyes to see
Got so much more than I'll ever need
Even the bad days ain't all that bad
With what I have

I'm doing alright right where I'm at
With what I have

Some key lines that stand out for me are:

The root of the thief of my joy

The Joneses can’t even keep up with the Joneses

I’m doing all right where I’m at… with what I have.

This song is a great reminder.  Not only the obvious – you don’t have to shine to be gold.  But… to be happy with what you have. Be happy with who you are.  Be happy with where you are at this moment.  

So, I encourage you today – as you read this.

Be ok with where you are.  You are loved.

Be ok with what you are.  You are precious.

Be ok with who you are.  You are gold. 

What you have – right now – is what you are supposed to have.  God will provide you all you need.  You are doing all right – right where you are  – with what you have.  

You Are Gold.  

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