The Dash

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Do you ever walk through cemeteries?  If you do, do you read the gravestones? The names? The dates? How long they lived?  I do.  For some reason, I find it peaceful walking through reading about each person’s history.  While examining each stone, it always has me wondering about the dash.  You know…. 1926-2010.  That dash separating the dates.  What did they do with their dash?  What am I doing with my dash? What are you doing with your dash?


I was watching a Joyce Meyer episode the other day.  It was called Making The Most Of Your Time (Part 1 and Part 2) – There were many points she was making during these 2-part episodes, but the main point I believe she was driving at was – what have you done with your dash?  Those important years – you were born – you live – you pass.  The dash is representing those important ‘living’ years.  

How important is that dash to you? What legacy will you leave behind?

  • Are you a driven person who goes after every dream?
  • Do you choose to try one new thing a month? Or even a week?
  • Do you sign up for courses or seminars?
  • Are you involved in your community?
  • Do you help your neighbours or friends?
  • Do you work 24/7?
  • Do you come home after work and stay inside – away from others?
  • Do you volunteer?
  • Do you hold grudges?
  • Do you hold on to your close friends and family?
  • Do you enjoy life?

As I was writing those questions down, there are some I do not do or rather, some that I could do better at.  For instance:

  • I could try new things more often.  My sister-in-law has a goal to try something new each week.  I could incorporate this.
  • I could be learning more – reading more.  Knowledge in life is always key.
  • I could listen better to my husband, children, and friends
  • I could bring joy and laughter to my neighbours
  • I could bake goodies for my neigbhours
  • I could help someone in need

Those are just a few that popped into my head, but I know to make the most of my dash – the important aspect is to be a servant to others. Be thinking of others.  Be loving to others.  Be patient with others.  Be joyful with others.  Be happy. Be accepting of others.  Be open with others.  Be you.

So, as you go about your day today, how will you be living your dash?  Will you be maintaining that normal everyday mundane routine that you always do? Or will you be trying something new? Will you just stroll around in a daze watching the world pass by? Or will you ‘dash’ with excitement to help that friend in need? 

When I observe my family and what they are doing with their dash, I am filled with so much love.  My heart beams when I see them doing what God gifted them to do.

I am so proud of my daughter who is striving to become a teacher – she has such a gift at teaching others – all with a kind loving spirit that shines onto everyone she encounters. She is making a mark with her dash.

I am so proud of my son who changed his whole direction in life to follow his dream of fitness – training others to be the strong capable beings that they are – all with a spirit that is so genuine, kind, and driven.  He is making a mark with his dash.

I am so proud of my husband who was put on this earth not only to teach others the importance of being healthy, but by gifting others with his musical talent. He is leaving a legacy of such knowledge and musical ability in which he extremely shines with onto his children (and myself) that they will forever be touched.  He is making a mark with his dash.  

Whichever way you choose, make your mark on this earth.  You only have one chance at living.  Not everyone is perfect, but you can choose to try more, laugh more, and live more.  Every little bit adds more life to your dash. Every little bit leaves a mark of legacy for your children.  Live in order to make that dash the most important part of that gravestone.   When the time has come in the future and others are now walking that peaceful stroll in the cemetery and come across your stone – they will look at your dash and know of the legacy you left. 

Aside #1:  If you wish to have a peek at my husband’s musical talent… click HERE.  You will not only be graced with his gift of song, but you will be foot-tapping to all your favourite tunes as well.  

Aside #2: If you are looking for some insight, help, or instruction with your fitness goals… click HERE. You will find plenty of tips and workout ideas from my son.

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