Boundaries And Rituals

work from home, creating boundaries.

Do you like routines?  Schedules?  Knowing when things are going to happen? I do.  I am more at peace when I know what my day entails rather than being completely spontaneous or those spur of the moment – fly off the seat of your pants – type of plans.  However, I do have to ensure I have some boundaries and rituals in order to not get too locked in throughout my day I need to allow room for some fun moments to just happen.  This is what creating boundaries and rituals can achieve.

Boundary setting helps you prioritize your needs over other people’s wants – Lauren Kenson

Are you still working from home? Or have you always worked from home?  If you are, how do you organize your day?  

Do You:

  • Wake up quietly
  • Make a coffee
  • Read
  • Eat some breakfast
  • Get ready for the day
  • Begin work
  • Take appropriate breaks
  • Exercise
  • Finish your work and put it away until the following day
  • Enjoy your family
  • Relax
  • Sleep

Or – Are you the type of person who:

  • Gets up a 6am and immediately turns on the computer and jumps into work?
  • Continues to work straight through lunch and into the afternoon with next to no breaks?
  • Checks work emails after dinner and continue to work into the evening?
  • Become exhausted and realize it’s bedtime

Which one is more like you?

If you chose the latter option, then perhaps you need to begin setting some boundaries and rituals.  What do I mean by this?

Working from home does have its pros.  You are driving less, therefore gas costs are down, no commuting time means being more efficient with your work projects and even the possibility of staying at home if you have younger children – this cuts down the childcare costs.

However, if you are not organizing your day – setting limits, boundaries and day-time rituals, then you will become burnt out.  Your energy levels will deplete.  You will have a chance of becoming depressed.  Your immune system could become compromised.  Overall, your health can and may suffer.  

Side Note: I can fall into this when I am simply preparing for guests to come for a visit or dinner. I create a list that no regular person can even attempt to accomplish and I strive to accomplish it – even if I am exhausted by the time our guests arrive. I often do not deligate – take on all the chores myself – or even think that picture perfect perfection is what is important…. it is NOT by the way.

A new day to day structure may be just what is called for in order for your overall well-being, health, and joy to be lifted. 

day planner

If you resonated with the second option – working constantly – zero breaks – day in and day out, then begin with some small changes:

  • Map out a work day.  What time to begin work and what time to end.  Schedule in a lunch break in there too and a couple of 15-20 minutes ‘movement’ breaks to remove yourself from the computer.  Stick to this. Do not check work emails after your chosen ‘end’ time.  Do not check work emails before your chosen ‘start’ time.  
  • Get up 30 minutes earlier than you normally do in order to put in some ‘me’ time (and stick with this time). Make this a routine.  This could include quietly drinking a coffee while you read a novel or a daily devotional/Bible, and /or exercising – going to your fitness centre or an invigorating walk/run.
  • Do NOT turn on the tv to watch the news. This will stir up those nasty ‘worry’ emotions just by seeing/hearing the continual tragic worldly events that is presented to us on a daily basis.
  • Begin some nutrition and exercise rituals. Eat at regular intervals, drink plenty of water, schedule in your exercise and movement time blocks – away from the desk.  Time to re-centre and refocus.  
  • Set a bed-time and a bed-time routine.  This could include relaxing with family by going on a walk, reading, laughing together at a favourite TV show, or simply taking a bath. This does not include scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media right before bed.  Your eyes, mind, and soul need a break from computer/phone screens in order for your relaxing hormones to kick in.  

Implementing these few steps into your daily routine will not only create healthy work to home-life boundaries, it will also create a daily ritual providing your mind and soul with peace.  You will begin to feel less stressed and worry less.  You will begin to feel like you have personal time again.  You will feel more at ease.

So, after you finish reading this… pick an end of work day time and stick to it.  Wake up tomorrow fresh and at peace and do not begin work until you have had that peaceful alone time.  

If you need help creating a new routine, please click the link below. I can help guide you with a personal day-to-day structure just for you.

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