It’s that time of year again where I celebrate the men in my life.  This coming Sunday is not only my son’s 21st birthday, but it is also Father’s Day where the two best dads in the world get recognition – my husband and my dad.  It’s a time to celebrate the M.E.N. in our lives.

A real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress and grows brave by reflection… Thomas Paine

Men are getting a bad rap now a days.  Men simply can’t just be men anymore. Or, at least that is what the world is saying.  But!  I say – a big fat NO to that!  Men are men and not only should men be who they were designed and created to be, they should be proud of who they are.  

M.E.N. are:




Those are just three characteristics, but they are also strong, determined, driven, handy and as soft as a teddy bear inside.  A heart of gold.  

In the workforce today – equal rights is huge.  Don’t get me wrong. I am all for that.  But rather – I am all for whomever is most qualified.  If that is a man, then that man should be hired.  If it is a woman, then she should be hired. Both at the same pay rate as their expertise dictates. However, there are certain professions out there where in reality, I’d prefer a man:

  • Fireman.  If my house is on fire – I want a strong man to carry me out.
  • Soldier.  Again, strength is a key factor in the military.  
  • Police officer.  I’m on the fence with this one.  Only because I have seen tiny women on duty and wonder how they would restrain a 300 lb drunk offender?

My strong and faithful son is about to turn 21.  From the time he was born he was a true boy.  He loved to play outside, help his dad or grandpa(s) putter around the house, and has grown into the physically strong, yet compassionate young man he is today, He can help with any ‘heavy’ chore or task that is asked of him – like lifting a dock or moving furniture – yet he was raised to be the ‘man’ in any relationship he encounters (open doors for women, be a protector, or a voice when needed). 

Words – even on this page – cannot express how proud I am of him.  My heart is overwhelmed daily with the love I have for him.  21 years of love in my heart for my son has keep me smiling and full of so much joy.  Happy birthday, my love.  You’re a blessing to everyone who meets you and I’m so grateful God gifted you to us 21 years ago.

My other two strong M.E.N. in my life are my rocks.  My husband and my dad both are the pillars of why Father’s Day is celebrated for.  Pillar is actually a good word.  They both stand tall on either side of me as my protectors and strength.  Together, with them at my side, I am safe.  

They both have qualities that set the bar high for other men out there:

  • Love their family
  • Humorous
  • Handy
  • Strong
  • Musical
  • A soft heart
  • Extremely smart
  • Giving
  • Great at story telling
  • Excellent fishermen – even if one fiddles with his line the entire time
  • A heart of gold


My two pillars have set the bar high not only for how I live my life, but for how our son will try to live his and with what our daughter will expect from her boyfriend.  These men do not faulter on their beliefs. They stand proud of who they are which is why I love them both so dearly.  

So Happy Father’s Day to both my strong M.E.N.  You both make me proud every day to be your wife and daughter.  You are both exceptional men and anyone who knows you both would completely agree with me, I’m sure. 

So, as you head into Father’s day this weekend (or if you are also celebrating your own son’s birthday soon) – acknowledge your men.  Make them feel proud of who they are.  They are the pillars of our community and without them..without men… our lives would be sad and boring.  

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