Basement Booty

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Here we are… 2022 and back to at-home workouts.  I know… it boggles my mind too. Nonetheless, I must get my creative and find some great home workouts to get my basement booty on!


If some of you are in a similar situation where gyms are not available, there are an abundant of fitness apps and exercises to be found online.  You don’t need a full gym setup either.  I myself, do not have a full gym set up at home.  Here is a list of exercise equipment I have:

  • Yoga mat
  • 10 lb weights
  • 5 lb weights
  • Exercise bands
  • Ab roller
  • Sliding discs
  • Bosu ball
  • Skipping rope
  • Kettlebell (I have a 20 lb one)

While I do find being at the gym can give me an overall balanced workout, having these few exercise staples in the house provides me with a good overall workout for whichever body part I am focusing on.  I also stick to the same exercise schedule I was doing while heading out to the gym.  If I was going to the gym for 7am, I do my at-home workout at 7am.  Sticking to a routine will ensure you not only get your fitness goals accomplished for the week, but your body craves routine and will be thanking you.  

Today, I will be focusing on the ‘Booty’.  The butt – for women – is one of the most worked out body parts.   A simple Google search and an unlimited amount of exercise options pop up.  I have found great ‘booty’ workouts on the following Apps or YouTube channels:

Pinterest also has plenty of step-by-step exercise options to suit your fitness level and muscle group.  Regardless of the app, YouTube channel or link you decide to use, pick one that is fun, but challenging.  

Below is a sample ‘Booty’ routine from the Nike App – Better Butt 2.0:

  • 30 seconds left leg airplanes
  • 30 seconds right leg airplanes
  • 50 seconds dumbbell dead lift
  • 50 seconds lateral dumbbell lunges alternating legs
  • 50 seconds curtsy lunge alternating legs
  • 30 seconds split jump squat alternating legs
  • 20 seconds hip cradles alternating legs
  • 40 seconds dumbbell dead lifts
  • 40 seconds lateral dumbbell lunges alternating legs
  • 40 seconds curtsy lunges alternating legs
  • 30 seconds split jump squat
  • 30 seconds hip cradles
  • 1 minute duck walk
  • 30 seconds side lying leg raise left
  • 30 seconds side lying leg raise right
  • 30 seconds hip lift
  • 30 seconds hamstring stretch left
  • 30 seconds hamstring stretch right
  • 30 seconds figure 4 stretch left
  • 30 seconds figure 4 stretch right

I find this ‘booty’ challenge good and my muscles are feeling it afterwards.  

Are you  back to home workouts?  If so, what are you go-to fitness challenges?  I’d love to see what you are doing to boost your fitness in 2022. Click the link below and share your favourite fitness app or routine.  You can also read a previous blog – Fitness Over 40 for some other great fitness tips and ideas.


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