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Are you like me who has used antiperspirant their entire lives?  Are you health conscious?  Or even watch what goes into your body?  If so, please read on.  

Years ago, I tried to make the switch from antiperspirant to a natural deodorant.  I tried a few different brands actually but each one left me feeling self conscious about odors or did not even work with respect to sweat.  I gave up and went back to my Dove Antiperspirant.

Throughout this summer, different Natural Deodorant ads kept popping up on my Facebook feed.  I finally decided to look into one in particular – Native.  This ‘Free From All’ deodorant also had great reviews. Each person stated how it was the best natural deodorant they have tried.  A particular scent (coconut and vanilla) seemed to get best reviews.  I decided to ask some friends about what they use.  The consensus seemed to include the Native products.

aluminum free, toxins, natural deodorant

Why are Antiperspirants Not Healthy for you? What Ingredients Are In Antiperspirants?

  • Aluminum:  linked to cancer and alzheimer’s disease
  • Phthalates: linked to hormone imbalance and even infertility
  • Propylene glycol: antifreeze
  • Formaldehyde: a carcinogen
  • Parabens: hormone disruptor and linked to breast cancer

While reading the reviews, one person stated doing an armpit detox of such to help eliminate all the toxins built up from years of antiperspirants use.  A couple of my friends also suggested this and gave me a link to follow: by the Wellness Mama.  

So away I went. I ordered Native Coconut Vanilla deodorant and the necessary ingredients required for the detox.  

How to Detoxify your Armpits 

Mix all the ingredients in a glass bowl with a non-metal spoon to a smooth consistency (must be thick enough to apply)

Spread in an even layer over the armpits.  Leave on for 5-10 minutes.  I started with 6 minutes to assure no reaction would occur.  It can give a warm or ‘burning’ sensation – especially if you have sensitive skin.  If it does, adjust your time accordingly.  Redness may occur.

Wash off in the shower immediately after your time has completed.  

Repeat daily or as needed.  I did this three times a week and repeated for two weeks in total. As soon as you start your detox, begin using your natural deodorant.  For your body to adjust , it may take up to two weeks for any odors or irritation to disappear. But don’t give up! Give your body a chance to rid of the years of toxins it’s inhabited and once it has – you’ll smell like roses (or coconut vanilla like me).

I must say, I have completed the detox and have successfully been using my Native deodorant for over a month now and I feel just as fresh as when I was using my antiperspirant (I am a busy woman who not only works managing and running a family run business, but I am very active with either at home workouts, running outside, or workouts at a fitness centre).   I am 100% satisfied with the Native product and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to do the switch. They even have body wash (which I have not yet tried).  

So are you ready to do the switch?  If you follow the steps in this blog, your body will be thanking you.  If you have any questions, please email me:

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