Snow Much Fun!

snowshoeing, snow much fun

Do you struggle with outdoor exercise in the winter months?  I know I do.  My husband and I do try to continue with our walks frequently, but I must say, when it is -10 degrees Celsius or colder… well, I like to stay indoors.  One activity that has us longing for each weekend is snowshoeing.  It’s just snow much fun!

In a previous blog, I was mentioning to connect with others.  Snowshoeing is a perfect way to connect with your spouse or a friend.  You get the pleasure of being outdoors – the fresh air, the Vitamin D, it’s an aerobic exercise therefore burning calories, building up those leg and glut muscles, plus you are experiencing adventure with someone you love.  

Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood – Andy Goldsworthy

My husband and I were on route the other weekend to snowshoe up near our cottage since there are many trails to choose from up there. On route, we passed a trail only a few kilometres from our house.  We were driving a different – scenic way – to our cottage and did not realize this trail was so close to us.  So, we decided to check it out. 

It was amazing. We encountered NO ONE. It was just the two of us on this beautiful winding trail with some tiny hills. Not only was the scenery picture perfect but the workout was fantastic.  

Along the way, we laughed and shared dreams.  Talked about the kids, our families and work.  It wasn’t just a workout we were doing. It was a connection.  Something  so simple, yet so crucial in everyday life.  In a time right now where higher ups are demanding isolation – they are blind to see that what is required. What is crucial to our God-given purpose in life is connection.  Personal, physical, in-person connection.  

Side Note: One place we want to try is Snowshoeing Under The Stars with Nordik Spa in Quebec.  They had a package last year that we were going to try but our timing just did not work out.  That is definitely on our bucket list  to do one day.  

Snowshoeing is a perfect way to do this and they aren’t expensive either.  We were given our snowshoes a couple Christmases ago by my parents (but they were around $110 roughly) and we just love them. They are from Costco, but any sporting store like Canadian Tire, Sports Chek, Sporting Life carries them.  Even has them.  

You won’t regret the purchase.  I urge you to try it – and make a date of it with your spouse. It’s hard to have dates these days and for us, this was a perfect Friday outing in our books.  

snowshoeing, snow much fun, couple time

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