Happy Strong Men Day(s)

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This weekend marks a couple events in our household. Our sons 19th birthday and Father’s Day. A celebration of our boy and the extraordinary man he has become and the celebration of three exceptional dads who are (or were) each leaders in their own way. I consider both events to be ‘ Happy Strong Men’ day. 

Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men… John F. Kennedy

happy birthday

Event # 1: 

Our baby boy is 19!  I laugh at this statement –  baby boy. Our nineteen year old is now towering over me and is exceptionally strong – physically ( and mentally). He left for university last fall with a path in mind and God completely changed his direction towards the end of his year. He is now on route following his dream and we couldn’t be more proud. It takes bravery and courage to go against the norm of society or ‘what mom and dad had originally thought his path should be’.  As soon as he made light of his dream, clarity returned. Excitement returned. Vision was restored. He has so much passion inside of him that I have no doubt in my mind that he will be extremely successful once his dream comes to fruition. He has always been one to stay clear and centred. We are so proud of the man he has become. We noticed that once God redirected him back to his dream, the God-given gifts which make up this extraordinary son of ours shone through:

  • His drive for success
  • His sense of humour
  • His drive for learning
  • His ability to make smart decisions
  • His love and compassion for his family and friends
  • His sense of adventure
  • His ability to dream
  • His ability to communicate
  • His heart for others
  • His strength

Happy strong men day – birthday – my love. God has opened up a whole new world for you to strive in. Your dream is at your fingertips now and the ability to see it come true has never been clearer. You make us so proud. 

happy father's day

Event #2: 

Happy strong men day – Fathers Day – to three exceptional men in my life. These men; my husband, my dad, and my father in law in heaven have impacted their families and those who know them in many ways. One has made me the person I have become. One has made me whole – together as one. And one has taught me the importance of giving. These 3 men are chosen leaders – each year in their own way(s).

They Are:

  • Patient
  • Funny
  • Can command a room
  • Strong in faith
  • Has a drive for success
  • An excellent golfer
  • Has great ability to encourage
  • Can stay calm in stressful situations
  • Talented fishermen
  • A story-teller
  • Giving
  • Great teachers
  • All 3 men have lead their families to be the strong, loving, and compassionate members that they have grown to be.

So, happy strong men – Father’s Day – to these exceptional men. While one may live far and one may soar up high like an eagle and one is next to me daily; each of them provide the guidance, love, and protection that theirs families (and me) need daily. I’m so proud to be a daughter, daughter in law and wife of these exceptional men. 

Happy Father’s Day To My Husband:

Happy Father’s Day To My Dad:

Happy Father’s Day to My Father-In-Law:

Happy Strong Men Day to all the men I know and love. I hope all of you know that you inspire those who are fortunate to be close to you. You are a role model. You are a leader. You are loved by all of us.

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