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voices in your head

Do you have a voice in your head who talks to you?  You know the one.  The one who is the speaker of negative thoughts, criticizes your appearance, your parenting, how smart you are (or aren’t), your job, or even your relationships.  What you think about yourself can and will pour into your daily lives. What’s your Fred in the head saying?

Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you just may be listening… Lisa Hayes

I was reading a devotional the other day – Us In Mind – and the author was talking about his ‘Fred In The Head’.  ‘Fred’ is the speaker in his head – the one who speaks negative thoughts into him, criticizes him, talks down to him, judges him, or even tells him that he is the hero of every story and situation in which really… he is not. ‘Fred’ is that little voice inside questioning every thought and decision.  Overtime, ‘Fred’ will cause this person to be down, depressed, anxious, moody, negative, or even prideful.

Why is knowing this important?

Listening to your ‘Fred’ can affect your relationships, your marriage, your friendships, and even your work life.  What you think about yourself can radically determine how your spouse, your boss, or your friends experience you.  


Listening To Your ‘Fred’ Can Make You:









These traits can affect the way you love, as well as, receive love.  Listening to your ‘Fred’ can be painful, hurtful and oftentimes sad.  I have found when listening to my ‘Fred’ in the head that I can become prideful, sarcastic, judgy, or even negative. Which then in turn, gets pushed onto my spouse causing tension, bickering, or even a disagreement.  ‘Fred’ is not your friend.  He is not a friendly Fred boosting you up, complimenting you, encouraging you, or loving you.  ‘Fred’ is out to squish you, cause strife, cause heartache, or make you feel small.  

‘Fred’ is to be forgotten – pushed aside and ignored, but sometimes it is hard to do so. Sometimes your ‘Fred’ can seem louder than God’s words.  But!  Don’t fret.  When you begin to hear ‘Fred’s voice – stop – pause – and you will hear God’s words.  His words are in the quiet, the peace, the calm.  His whispers will build you, strengthen you, love you, and guide you to be the amazing person that you are.

So, instead of following your ‘Fred In the Head’, follow ‘God of your Bod’ (yes… I just made that one up).  Fred may try to get into your head – mess with your brain and thoughts, but God is throughout all of you – mind, body and soul.  Follow His words and not only will you be more calm, more pleasant, and kinder – you will be able to love better, receive love better and be the person, spouse, or friend that you are destined to be. 

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