My Favourite Things

Since Christmas is soon approaching, I am going to pull an Oprah and write about My Favourite Things.  Did you ever watch Oprah’s Favourite things?  Or even Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas?  I used to tune in each day hoping that it was going to be aired on that day.  I loved seeing the new up and coming electronic device or beauty item.  Or what trip the audience was going to be sent to.  We lived just outside of Chicago for a short bit and we tried each year to get on that show – especially during the holiday season, but we were never that lucky. 

Every year, my husband asks me for ideas for Christmas. And every year, I get stuck.  I think because I find it hard to think of myself. I would much rather think of ideas for my family and friends. The giving of gifts always fills my heart more than getting. 

However, there are some top items in the recent years that have been extremely special that I have received:

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give – Winston Churchill

Memorable gifts I have given:

One year, I gave my husband an Amazon Alexa. I was so nervous giving this gift. He did not ask for it or even knew about it. He LOVED it.  

Another year, we surprised the kids with a trip to the Bahamas.  We bought them new luggage and filled them with new ‘Caribbean items’ – bathing suits, hat, an outfit. There was then an envelope inside with an itinerary.  It took a bit, but they finally clued in to ‘ We were headed to Bahamas’. (Note: the hotel we stayed at in the link is now an Adults Only hotel)

Lastly, I remember giving our daughter a Barbie doll house and our son hotwheels cars and tracks. They were so excited about their gifts. Our basement became a Mattel advertising scene with Barbies and cars scattered everywhere. Oh how I miss those days…..

Regardless of the gift to give or the gift to receive, don’t stress too much.  I have learned over the years that if it sparks joy in your heart giving it to that special someone, then they will love it too.  Try to think out of the box on some as well.  While it is so nice to get an item that was being asked for, it is also endearing to pick that one perfect gift – that was completely unexpected, but equally appreciative.  I have found the perfect, most meaningful gift for my husband this year and it is something he has never asked for, but I know deep in my heart he will absolutely cherish it.  (no peaking around the house Sweetheart…)

So, as you head into this Christmas season, go forth with a loving heart.  It’s not about the gifts, but what’s in your heart.  Have a giving heart; a loving heart.  With the current situation still undergoing, if money is tight, don’t fret or stress.  Sometimes, giving just of yourself – your time or even an ear to listen will be exactly the gift needed.  

giving heart
Here are a few other ways you can have a giving heart:
  • Shovel the walkway of a neighbour
  • Write a letter (not an email), an actual hand-written letter to an old friend
  • Bake cookies for your loved ones, friends and/or neighbours
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter or at an event in your home community
  • Donate used clothing
  • Walk the dog of an elderly neighbour who may be having difficulty getting outside due to the winter months
  • Drop in to say hi to a newly widow or widower
  • Complement 3 people in a day

I’ll leave you with this.  Christmas songs fill my heart with so much joy.  

Sidenote:  The general rule in our household is that Christmas songs are not supposed to be played until the first snow.  However, that rule is broken every year.

The 1984 song by Band Aid “Do They Know it’s Christmas?” is so inspiring to give.  There are many people, not only in our own neighbourhoods, our own province, or even our own country, but also all over the world.  We have 4 Compassion Children that we sponsor each month.  We hope and pray every day that our giving hearts towards them is making a difference in their lives.  We tend to give a bit extra during the holiday season or their birthdays in hope it will make their day special in some way.  If you’d like to help a child in need, ask around at your local food bank or churches if there are any families who could use a little extra help or click the compassion link to help a child in a foreign country.  Every bit helps.

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