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Easter is fast approaching which means spring has arrived.  Flowers are (or will be) blooming, trees starting to bud, and the Easter Bunny.  As you may have read in some previous blogs, I love traditions and even though my own children are in the adult age ranges, I am still keeping up with tradition even at Easter. 

He is not here. He has risen. Just as He said – Matthew 28:6

Easter traditions are another ‘big’ event for our household.  Just like Christmas Eve, we love the tradition of a family dinner or get together.  Do you have any Easter Traditions?  

Our Easter weekend has often included all or some of the following:

  • Visit Family
  • Participate in Egg Hunts that the Easter Bunny has left
  • A scrumptious breakfast
  • A Church Service
  • Family Dinner

Our children are into the adult stages of life and even still, the Easter Bunny arrives for them…. And they LOVE it!  

circa 2018

When they were little, we loved putting together Easter packages for them:

  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Skipping Ropes
  • Spring PJ’s
  • Easter dress for our daughter
  • Easter shirt for our son
  • Scooters
  • Colouring books

It was so much fun giving new spring out door items for them to play with.   Now days, the Easter packages may have changed a bit – new shoes that they have been wishing for or an outfit they have been wanting, but they are still both kids at heart when it comes to Easter.  Even better, they both know the importance of Easter – the true meaning of Easter.  Sure, they are grateful for the egg hunts and the new shoes, but they would value the meaning above all – Jesus, forgiveness, and love. 

The other day, I was looking up the origin of Hot Cross Buns.  I never knew the origin and always wondered why they were important during the Easter season.  They originated in England in the 14th Century by a Monk who distributed them to the local poor on Good Friday. They soon became a symbol of Easter.  

For us, Easter is a time of love and renewal.  There is a similar peacefulness to Easter (like I described in my Christmas Traditions blog) that overcomes me.  Even in times of worry, stress or despair – Easter provides that sense of calm, love, peace and joy that our hearts need. That our hearts require.  

Ways to Achieve Calm, Love and Peace:  

  • Disconnect and take a break from the news. The fear you are feeling is not from our current situation, it’s from the news.  Give your mind a break.
  • Help others.  Studies have shown that helping others can actually reduce stress.
  • Get outside.  Nature and fresh air both can do wonders for the mind and your soul.  An added bonus is natural vitamin D.  Vitamin D is essential for immune support and bone growth. 
  • Hug someone.  Did you know that you are to have a minimum of 4 -8 hugs a day?  
  • Go or watch an Easter Church service.  Here is a link to our local Church 2020 Easter Service.  If you are unable to tune in (or physically go to) a service this year, take a look at the link provided.

These are just a few ways to help you find the calm or peace you are searching for. 

Do you have any Easter Traditions?  If so, I’d love to hear about them.   Click the link below and share them with me.  Happy Easter.  

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