How Do You Handle The Storms?

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Are you good in a crisis? Do you keep calm and collected? Are you able to think clear and make good decisions? Or, do you fall apart?, Panic? Or lash out?  How do you handle the storms of life?

Not all storms come to disrupt your life; some come to clear your path – anonymous

If I am being honest, I do not handle storms very well.  When the @#&% hits the fan, I have been known to crumble.  That being said,  it does depend on a few things as to whether I stay strong or fall apart:

  1. How stressed I am (stress is the number one cause of mishap and …. If you are under a high level of stress, your chances of falling apart during a crisis increases).
  2. How tired I am (lack of sleep can cause you to lose perspective and not think clear.  Keeping to a regular sleep routine can help keep you balanced).
  3. Overwhelmed (I have been known to have a ‘moment’ during travel.  I tend to take over too much control with adventures, excursions, travel planning etc and not enlist in the help of my loving family that if something small goes unexpected – I may crumble).

For example:  When we travelled to Ireland, my luggage was lost.  We arrived in Dublin and everyone else’s bag arrived at baggage claim, but mine.  I went over to the luggage desk, but I am not only sleep deprived (we travelled on an overnight flight with a screaming baby aboard), but the airport worker had a heavy Irish accent.  I could not comprehend the instructions and guidance he was giving me.  I had to call over my husband for help.   Even the next morning when I called the airport inquiring about my luggage, I had to turn to my husband yet again to help.  You see, he stays calm in panic situations.  He can see clear and think even clearer to decipher a perfect solution in resolving any crisis.  He is so gifted in that way.  

Another storm that may come your way is conflict.  How do you handle the storms of conflict?  With family? Friends? Your spouse?  Do you lash out? Or listen calmly?  Do you point fingers? Or hold a grudge?  

Again, I am not always the calm and collected soul during a conflict.    I can often get flustered,  confused, angry, or defensive.  My heart says stay calm and listen, but my head gets in the way and explodes.  

According to online dictionaries –, a storm is defined as a violent disturbance of the atmosphere. I think we all would be on the same page thinking each of us will experience storms during our lifetime.  I believe that is inevitable.  The good news is that while your storm may be disturbing your life (atmosphere), God is using the storm for a purpose.  He is strengthening and maturing you.  

Difficulties come into our lives to develop us.  Every storm is a school.  Every trial is a teacher.  Every experience is an education – Nicky Gumbel 

You see, whether a storm is a physical storm (like heavy rain) or a personal storm (like conflict), all storms can:

  • Be seasonal
  • Be predicted
  • Reveal strengths and weaknesses
  • Bring destruction
  • Bring devastation
  • Educate
  • Be a test

To understand how strong and stable we are in life, we need storms to test us and to educate us.  Evil will try to cause chaos and confusion, but with faith, you will stay strong through the storm and learn from it.  

What did I learn from my Ireland storm?  

  • To listen
  • Stay quiet and listen some more
  • Always be loving
  • Open my eyes to new ideas
  • Teach me flexibility

The storms of life are inevitable.  It’s how we handle the storms where we grow and learn.  When I listen to my elders speak about their lives throughout the years, I can see and hear the strength they have. The maturity they have endured.  The life they have lived.  Rallying out the storm, in faith, will lead your heart and soul to a life filled with unconditional love, compassion, understanding, and peace.  

So, I will ask you again, how do you handle the storms?  Today, I will make the choice to conquer the storms faith and love.  If you have those two, sunny skies will certainly be rising.

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